P2/3 Golden Treasures Spelling 23rd November

Spelling this week is below, we will do a dictation activity including our sounds and some tricky words we know on Friday each week. Everyone is trying hard in their weekly dictations- well done!

Team Jewel: single sounds l, c, k, ck.  Continue trying to read/recognise some of the Block 1 tricky words and the ORT character names.

Team Gold: using magic e in u words for example: use, huge, cube, rude, prune, tune, tube. Practise reading and spelling the vowel digraphs we have worked on this term- these are- ai/ay; ee/ea; oa/ow; oo/ew; ou/ow; igh/-y. (P2s- you should have received a list of any sounds that you need to work on).

Team Treasure: ou/ow revision; Core list: out, trout, mound, noun, south, owl, cow, how, town, down; Challenge list: pounding, bounce, about, around, voucher, howling, crowded, somehow, growling, allow; Tricky word revision: other, brother.

We will be carrying out some assessments of reading (and writing for some) tricky words over the next week or so and will send home any words we would like your child/children to practise.

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham