P2M Magic Monkeys 27.11.2020

Hello Magic Monkeys and Happy Friday!

In literacy we have covered:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling words (CVC, CVCC, CCVC)
  • Completed work for Learning Stories
  • Block 3 sounds: br, cr, dr, fr
  • Dictation: br, cr, dr, fr words
  • Writing: “Facts About Me”
  • Writing: Fact Focus – using bullet points and writing facts
  • Writing: Creating a Fact File Poster about our reading book.
  • Writing Star Steps this week: write a title, use bullet points, write 3 facts, include colour and pictures
  • Letter formation – cursive and non-cursive
  • Reading Groups
  • Individual digraph revision sheets sent home
  • Tricky words (block 1 – 8):


  • If you would like to do some extra spelling practice I’ve attached the First 100 Fry Words below
  • Choose a few words per week to focus on
  • Make flash cards of these words to support you
  • Show the word, read the word out loud together, hide the word, write the word independently then check and correct together

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Subtraction within 30
  • Timed subtractions calculations – this focuses on speed, accuracy and correct number formation
  • To move into the next level of the timed challenge learners must;
    • complete all calculations within 5 minutes
    • have the correct answer for every calculation
    • have the correct number formation for every answer
  • Completed work for Learning Stories – number bonds/addition
  • Number formation


  • Reading groups – this week we are reading a non-fiction books
  • Recalling facts
  • Reading out loud
  • Silent reading
  • Independent reading
  • Reading with Miss McGhee/Miss Martin
  • Working with Learning Partner to write a fact sheet about reading the book
  • We have continued to enjoy our new class novel
  • I have attached the Home Reading Guide to support you at home:


  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Just Dance Workout
  • Yoga, Freeze, Dance! This was a big hit this week – we also used it to play a game of Musical Statues:

Morning Starters:

  • Monday – Weekend whiteboard
  • Tuesday – Word Building   
  • Wednesday – Music Activity
  • Thursday – Cursive Letters   
  • Friday – Movement

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Marble Run
  • Block Play
  • Lego/construction
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • Role Play
  • Arts and Crafts table – tessellation
  • Smartboard games
  • Train tracks

Extra Information 

  • We have some unclaimed/unlabelled uniform in the classroom – please let me know if you are looking for any items.
  • Please bring reading books to school every day – especially a Thursday so they can be “quarantined” over the weekend. Thank you!  

Enjoy the weekend, have fun and stay safe,

Miss McGhee.