P2W Wonderful Wolves 27.11.2020

Hello Wonderful Wolves and Happy Friday! ūüėä


In literacy we have covered:

  • Sentence scramble – rearranging sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • ¬†Exploring exclamation marks and question marks
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling CVC, CCVC and CVCC words
  • ¬†Our sound this week was – ‘ng’
  • Example ‘ng’ words – ring, king, bang, long, lung
  • ¬†Words searches and Boggle
  • Letter formation/Hand Writing
  • Reading Groups – in class
  • Reading sent home
  • Block 2 diagraph assessments¬†
  • Tricky Words



  • Reading Groups
  • Reading out loud
  • Reading with expression
  • Prediction
  • Sequencing
  • Fastest Finger First for tricky words and punctuation
  • Recalling the story¬†

Next week we are going to explore non-fiction books for reading.


Here is a link the PowerPoints of our Block 1 -8  tricky words:

Tricky Word Block 1 PP

Tricky Word Block 2 PP

Tricky Word Block 3 PP

Tricky Word Block 4 PP

Tricky Word Block 5 PP

Tricky Word Block 6 PP

Tricky Word Block 7 PP

Tricky Word Block 8 PP


In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Time – analogue and digital times – o’clock/half past/ quarter to/ quarter past
  • Time – days of the weeks
  • Time – months of the year/seasons
  • We created a pictograph Birthday display
  • Mad Maths – timed addition focussing on speed, accuracy and correct number formation
  • ¬†Subtraction within 10/20/50
  • Number formation



  • Fitness/coordination – dance video
  • Yoga


Morning Starters: 

  • Monday – Weekend Whiteboard
  • Tuesday – Fine Motor Control
  • Wednesday – Literacy Activity
  • Thursday – Maths Activity (time)
  • Friday – Numeracy Activity (subtraction)

Learning Through Play Activities:

  • Role Play/Small World Play¬†
  • Fine Motor Control Activities
  • Block Play
  • Marble Run
  • Pegboards¬†
  • Train Track
  • Magnetic Blocks
  • Arts and Crafts Table
  • Construction
  • iPads – Literacy/Numeracy


It has been ‘Road Safety Week’ – we have discussed and completed activities around the this topic

Extra Information 

  • We have some unclaimed/unlabelled uniform in the classroom ‚Äď please let me know if you are looking for any items.


I hope you have a fun weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

Mrs Williamson x