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Maths and Numeracy

We have revised different subtraction strategies and data handling this week – completing surveys of the classes favourite board game and favourite class novel. We have been learning to tell the time using an analogue clock. We talked about how to tell the time using the hour and minute hands and made human clocks in the playground to practise telling the time – the wind made this quite challenging but a lot of fun!

Things to do at home:

  • Continue helping your child develop mental agility by giving them child addition and subtraction problems to solve as you go about your daily lives or travelling from one place to another e.g. numbers on number plates, prices in shops or on menus.
  • Play some telling the time games on topamarks.co.uk




We have been using what we have learned about nouns and verbs and hunted for them in our reading books. We used the nouns and verbs we found them to write our own sentences. We completed reading comprehension questions to show our understanding of our reading books.

We were visited by an alien from Zarf who needed help! We wrote instructions for the alien to keep aliens safe on his planet because they don’t know how to cross the road safely!


  • Please continue to work on your child’s spelling words at home. Any activities done at home really do help with the retention of the rule we have been working on in school. The new spelling words are posted on the blog on Mondays.
  • Please talk to your child about their reading book. There are some questions you could ask before, during and after reading on the link below.
  • There are more activities linked to the Read Write Count book bags that went home last week in the link below.


We have been learning about how to cross the road safely as it is Road Safety week. We talked about how to spot hazards on the road and how to stay safe using Stop, Look, Listen, Think. We used what we had learned to write the alien’s instructions for crossing the road safely.


  • Practise Road Safety skills by playing the “Take the Lead” game on the Think! Website


We have continued to develop our fitness in PE this week running as a team and completing the “Bleep Test”, nearly everyone got to a higher level than last time! As it is getting colder and wetter now many of your children are coming to school in wellies and boots which is great! Please can you make sure that your child also has trainers with them on a Tuesday and Thursday for PE.

Class Comments:

“We had lots of fun this week”

“The alien was funny!”

 “Learning telling the time was fun”

“We chose a sheet to put in our learning stories ”

“We have got better at telling the time”

 “We learned about ou and ow in spelling”

“We did lots of things in spelling”

“We learned about road safety”