P4H’s Learning 27/11/20

It has been another busy week in P4H where we have been developing a wide range of skills within the curriculum . This week was Road Safety Week which may be useful for those going on a Wild Goose Chase this weekend! Have Fun!

The Blog has been written using the combined class reflections.


Spelling Next week’s rule is …..soft g is always ge not j Remember “defensive d defends the vowel

Core edge, hedge,sledge,fudge,dodge,lodge,badge.fridge

Challenge budget,cartridge,dislodge,dodgeball fidgeted,hedgehog,knowledge,

Tricky words threw , through

Reading . In our groups we continued our texts reflecting and predicting. We also looked for interesting words and added some to our personal dictionaries.

Comprehension. We read a short extract called Beneath the stairs . We looked for clues in the writing and answered questions remembering to write in sentences


We learned how to add using the diamond method . We added 2 and 3 digit numbers

Time We revised the calendar and tried to remember how many days in each month.We learned how many hours are in one day and also worked out how many days 72 hours quarantine is !

We all have a little clock and revised o’clock and half past and quarter to and quarter past .We looked at analogue and digital time. We talked about am and pm. We recorded times on clocks and realised how important it is to ensure the hands are the right length and are drawn with a ruler.

Beat that. We are trying to speed up our recall and mental ability with Beat Thats

Home learning Teach someone the diamond method. remember to go through in steps. Try to read times all around you both on analogue and digital https://www.sheppardsoftware.com/math/time/clock-splat-game/

PE We developed our football skills by learning how to dribble and move around obstacles keeping the ball close to our feet. We tried passing in pairs and in groups . We tried to pass on the move

IDL We began a mini project on Living things and discussed the difference between living things, not living things , never lived things.

Home Learning . Can you explain what these categories mean and look for examples around you. Try looking for signs of living animals out side

Road safety. We watched a film about making a first road journey and discussed the safe places to cross. Here is the link to the games .https://www.think.gov.uk/games/take_the_lead/take_the_lead.html

and the map .


Home learning Can you find your house to plan your journey?

Outdoor Learning We were looking for signs and clues of living things in the school woods. We made trails outside and were looking for foot prints . Some of us spotted a robin at the end of our trail.

Home Learning. Can you find any signs of wildlife around your area. Can you recognise any footprints?

We started to prepare for our Assembly next week. We are working in groups and writing our own scripts to go into a presentation . More news on this next week.

Mrs Tulloch’s Lunchtime Chats She told us all about Deacon William Brodie who lived in Edinburgh ages ago. He was a lock maker and at night he was a robber because he had made copies of the keys. He got caught because two of his gang told about his plan to steal the wages from the Castle.

We are looking forward to the Goose Chase this weekend! We wonder if anyone will manage our challenges.

from P4H ( and Ms Hastie)