P5B Reflective Friday 27.11.20

Good afternoon everyone.


Our spelling pattern for next week is below. The children will work on this rule from Monday and throughout the week.

  • ous says us in the final syllable
  • To support the breaking up of words into syllables as a spelling strategy

e.g.    tre / men / dous

          scan / dal / ous

Here are the words

nervous                   jealous

scandalous            poisonous

enormous              tremendous

famous                  dangerous

numerous              generous

Our tricky words are

country                     school



We have started working on multiplication in class and I have asked the children to practice at home. Next week we will be looking at multiplying by 6 and 7.

I have also attached our Beat that sheets for the children to use.




Here are the children’s reflections from the week.


Mr Bothamley