P6J Class Blog 27.11.20

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 

Tilly, Billy and Andrew contributed to this blog post.


We continued our Literacy Evolve novel called ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’. We were learning to explore how language is used to express feelings. We were specifically looking at expressing fear and using thesauruses to help us.

We completed the Literacy Luminary task (identifying an important event in our book and explaining why we consider it to be important) and discussed our books in our Literature Circles.

We looked at the use of apostrophes to show possession. For example: ‘Sally’s pencil’ and wrote sentences to show possession.

We have been learning about the first man on the moon. We wrote a story about from the perspective of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin or Michael Collins.

We have been reading our new class novel: There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom and discussing this in class.

Literature Circle reading to be completed by next Wednesday:

  • Beetle Boy: read up to page 258
  • Our City: read up to page 145
  • Game Boy: Read up to page 31
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant: read up to Chapter 28
  • The Accidental Time Traveller: read up to Chapter 26
  • How Brave Is That?: read up to chapter 7
  • Framed: read up to page 260

Spelling for next week: the prefix ‘un’. Antonyms or opposites are often formed by the addition of a prefix (e.g.  certain – uncertain). Words beginning with n does not alter the rule – simply insert the prefix ‘un’ e.g.    un + necessary = unnecessary 

Super: uneasy unlock unwrap unlikely unusual unhappy unwell untrue untie untidy

Fantastic: unnecessary unavoidable unbearable unbelievable uncomfortable unaccompanied ungrateful unconventional unfinished uncertain

Tricky words: waste waist

Home Learning Ideas:

  • Continue to practise your spelling words at home.
  • Read your set pages of your Literature Circle book. If you find it tricky to remember what you have read for your meeting on a Wednesday, try making a bullet point summary of what you have read and bring that with you on Wednesday.

Maths and Numeracy:

In numeracy we continued our learning about time. We practised our time skills in and applying them to word problems.

We learnt about RUCSAC which stands for, read the question, understand the question, choose the method, solve the problem, answer the question and finally check the question. All of us found this very helpful when doing maths. We also did a maths assessment for our teachers to see what level we are at.  

We practiced using a number line to find the correct decimal or fractions.

We also learnt about decimal places all the way up to the thousandths (3 decimal places). We used out understanding of decimals to do addition and subtraction with decimals and some of us went on to multiplying them.

We continued our Numeracy Ninjas to practise mental maths (e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), times tables and key maths skills.

Home learning:

  • Topmarks / Hit the Button / Daily 10
  • Practice adding numbers with decimals, remembering to line up the decimal place correctly. You may want to try this with time (time yourself doing different tasks then add/subtract them) or with weight (measure different ingredients and find the total/difference).


We had to say good bye to Mrs Henry and created a card for her to say goodbye. We are going to miss her.

In P.E, we did skipping skills using one foot and two feet. Some of us found this tricky.

We continued our new topic ‘Deep Space Exploration’. We learnt about the first man on the moon and the shuttle Apollo 11 which took them there. We created a wall display of the planets in our solar system. We made paper/straw rockets and investigated the best angle from which to launch the rocket. 

We used our map/atlas skills to identify rivers around the world.

Have a lovely weekend!