P6NM Week Beginning 23/11/20

We have had a great week in P6NM. Here is a summary of our learning.


Spelling Rule

  • To change a word ending in y to a plural, change y to i and add es.

e.g.    memory = memor(y) ies

  • If the letter before the y is the singular word is a vowel, simply add s

e.g.    kidney + s


We have been learning how to use apostrophes to show possession.

Here is a document which explains the use of apostrophes in this way.




We have been learning how to build tension and suspense in our story writing.

Some examples of techniques are:

  • Short, sharp sentences to shock the reader.
  • ‘Show, don’t tell’ (describe feelings/senses/physical reactions rather than simply what is happening).
  • Adding extra information to sentences to make the reader wait even longer.
  • Ellipsis (…)
  • Onomatopoeia (bang/crash etc.)

Opportunities for home learning:

  • Look out for authors using the techniques above in their books.
  • Remember to prepare for the next Literature Circle meeting.
  • Write these sentences adding in the apostrophes in the correct places.

Plural Possessive Nouns

  1. The ___________________ roars filled the air as they flew together.  (Noun: dragon)
  2. During the flight, the __________________ cases were stored in the hold. (Noun: pilot)
  3. In Autumn, the ______________ leaves change colour. (Noun: tree)

Singular Possessive Nouns

  1. Kims mum bought some cakes from the shop.
  2. The butterflys wings flapped as it flew.
  3. The dogs tail wagged excitedly.


We have been learning about fractions and decimals (tenths, hundredths and thousandths).

Here is a link to a really useful BBC Bitesize page. There is a video, an explanation of decimal numbers and several activities which will reinforce the work we have been doing in class.


Opportunities for home learning:

  • Complete the activities and quiz on the link above.
  • Put these decimal numbers in order: 1.97    1.09    2.01   1.9  Ask an adult to check if you are right.

Other areas of the curriculum:

  • We used magnifying glasses to look closely at natural materials during outdoor learning time. This was one of the activities which we can put towards gaining our RSPB Wild Challenge award.
  • We completed our Space Missions. We have been working in trios to research a planet and make a poster to display our findings.Have a look at this powerpoint to see the fantastic posters!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs McFarlane