P7H – 27.11.20

By Rebecca M, Andrew, Gregor, Alfie, Fergus and Belle

In numeracy this week we converted between fractions, decimals and percentages. We learnt how to do it using a very useful PowerPoint and made posters to show our understanding. We also done a textbook page on volume which strengthened our knowledge about it. Some people who got further managed to learn about the volume of triangular prisms.

We also made board games using chalk and PE equipment to practice different maths skills like our times tables. We got to play each other’s games.

In literacy this week we did literacy circles and showed what task we did to our group. Some of the tasks like similes, metaphors and character maps.

We also did comprehension on road safety week 2020 and also done some spelling. The pattern was ‘el’ words with different endings (level becomes levelled, angel becomes angelic, model becomes modelling).

This week in topic we learnt about democracy. We made up a random character some of us were voter’s and some of us were a MSP. In writing we had to write a letter as a voter to the MSP but the MSPs had to write a manifesto to convince the rest of the class to vote for them.

We also looked at famous political parties like The Scottish Greens, SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal-Democrats and the Scottish Conservatives. We looked at random voters and we decided who they would vote for. We then voted in our class to see who everyone would vote for. The winner was Alex (Liberal-Democrat).

This week in PE we were working on tactical games. We had to defend or attack in Matball and we had to work as a team.