P1 tigers reflective Friday 4th December

The children are so excited that it is finally December. We have discussed the meaning of advent and we are enjoying opening our advent calendar each day and adding a decoration to our little wooden tree.

We also listened to a radio broadcast of a girl telling us about her family celebrations for Hannukah


We have been learning:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet: this week we have focused on W and q(u)
  • Tricky words: was and want
  • In writing we have focused on writing sentences using capital letter to start the sentence, finger spaces and full stops at the end of the sentences. We wrote about our Nativity character. Our focus this week was to write a shopping list using the tricky words I and want .We are writing words and short sentences.
  • We are working very hard on our handwriting. Every morning and at the end of the day while everybody gets ready we do a ‘soft start’ getting our white boards and working on different pre- writing patterns, we also use our play dough tubs to work on our fine motor skills. We are also working on pre-handwriting skills to help us to develop our handwriting skills to be able to form cursive letters: so far we have worked on (using squared paper) drawing horizontal lines (using top/bottom of the squares), vertical lines, diagonal lines (upwards, downwards and a combination of both) and forming c using the whole space of the square. The children are encouraged to write in their play and in more adult led activities (writing/ dictation) but we are not only focusing on cursive handwriting when doing this as cursive handwriting requires a number of skills that need to be practised in order to ensure success.
  • We have started to work on dictation. We try to write words that have the sounds we have worked on as well as tricky words.
  • As we are learning independently we are now learning to take photos of our work in our ‘must do task’ .

Home learning ideas:


  • Reading: work on the new sounds and tricky wordsprovided on the link below This should be for a maximum of 10 minutes per day. Please ensure you continue to do that as this is vital for your child’s reading progress.
  • Please have a look at your child’s purple folder. Some children have a sheet with the book words we have been working on this week. Please take time to read these with your child.
  • Please continue to work on the tricky words (block 1). See link below. So far we have worked on: I, the, to,he, me is, his, put. You could print/ copy them twice and play snap, use scrabble/magnetic letters to make them, etc.
  • This is a website that you can use for spelling tricky words http://www.ictgames.com/littleBirdSpelling/
  • Read to your child books everyday and enjoy them.
  • If your child is enjoying writing please don’t stop them to correct the letter formation as this will stop the flow and could put him/her off from writing (letters, stories, cards, etc). After he/she has finished you can remind them the formation if you wish.

Numeracy and Maths

  • We have been learning how to use our counting back skills and other strategies to help us do take away or subtraction calculations .

Home learning ideas:

Download this week’s home learning sheet

Home Learning Template w and qu

  • We use number lines for addition: why don’t you make your own number line? Write, draw or cut out numbers from magazines.
  • What Comes Before? In the range 1-20 (30 if  you feel your child can do it)  e.g. “What is the number before 20?”

Other Areas


  • We have finished our virtual Nativity and look forward to sharing it with you next week.
  • P.E. We have continued to work on throwing and catching skills.
  • Outdoor learning: We learned to play noughts and crosses. What a lot of strategic thinking skills we practised while playing this game, we also enjoyed playing in the snow

Independent learning

Other Information

  • Please check your child’s purple folder regularly as occasionally we will send some activities for you to do at home.
  • Today ( 4th December) you will receive on your child’s learning journal three pieces of work that we have collected as evidence of their learning. You will also be able to see on their learning journals comments about their learning during this term. You will find them as observations. Please feel free to add comments.
  • Looking ahead: On Friday 11th December it will be our Christmas Jumper Day. You don’t need to buy a Christmas jumper you could customise one that you have at home! 
  • Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro