P2/3 Golden Treasures Reflective Friday week beginning 30th November

***Learning stories are coming home today. Please take some time to look at the targets, the learning that your child has brought home and the Literacy and Numeracy comments. Please comment, sign and return to school by Friday 11th December.***

Remember that our spellings for the week ahead are shared every week on the blog on a Monday to practise at home. Keep reading at home as much as you can- we vary reading group days each week so it is super important that children are reading their books at home too. Thanks for your ongoing support with this.


  • We are enjoying our class novel- The BFG
  • Reading in our reading groups and during BEAR time
  • Discussing the thoughts and feelings of Sophie from the BFG at the start of the story
  • Spelling: word-searches, highlighting activities and dictation
  • Team Jewel: single sounds j, v, w.  Practising CVC words such as jug, van, win.
  • Team Gold: final consonant blends, for example, rk, nd, st, mp, lt, sk, sp, lk and ft. Words including: bark, hand, fist, lamp, felt, whisk, silk, wasp and loft.
  • Team Treasure: au/awCore list: Paul, haul, fraud, fault, haunt, law, paw, fawn, dawn, crawling; Challenge list: haunted, faulty, autumn, August, author, jigsaw, drawer, yawning, awful, withdraw; Tricky words: where, were
  • Writing using super sentences including connectives
  • Continuing to work on handwriting, focussing on correct formation of our letters (cursive and non cursive).

Ideas for home learning

  • Keep practising your spelling words. Can you look/listen out for these words in your favourite story or TV show? Every time you hear one of your words try to spell it out loud.
  • Keep practising the tricky word lists that were sent home last week (reading and/or spelling these words- see individual notes).
  • Can you retell the story of the BFG so far?


  • Continuing our learning about telling the time using analogue and digital clocks (o’clock, half past and quarter past and to times)
  • Chilli challenge addition sums in our jotters.
  • Continuing our learning on subtraction, taking away 10 or multiples of 10. For example, 40-10 or for a bigger challenge 65-30. We talked about how 10 is useful when taking away 9 and 11 too and will explore this further.
  • Beat-that sums– working out addition sums as quickly as possible.

Ideas for home learning

  • Can you solve these take-away sums? Mild: 30-10, 40-10, 50-10, 20-10; Spicy: 55-10, 66-10, 70-20, 40-30; Hot: 99-30, 68-30, 77-?=27, 82-?=42
  • Talk about the time with your family. Ask questions about your daily routine.

Other Areas

  • We made a class Advent Calendar, which we are enjoying opening each day. We talked about some Advent traditions and why it is celebrated.
  • Outdoor PE- working in groups of 3-4 to create short sequences of movements and then demonstrating to each other.
  • Loose parts play– we really enjoyed using our imaginations in the mud kitchen, experimenting with water play using pipes and crates and all sorts of other things.
  • Talking about road safety and sequencing pictures to show us how to cross the road safely.
  • In Challenge Time we enjoyed team work and fine motor skills activities- jigsaws, pairs cards, peg boards and pin boards. See our pictures below

Ideas for home learning

  • Can you talk to your family about safe crossing of a road? Can you put these things that you should do to cross safely in the right order? CROSS, STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, THINK?

Here are some pictures from our outdoor learning this week