P3C Blog – 4/12/20

This week we have been continuing to learn the time using analogue clocks using quarter past and quarter to. We made human clocks in the playground again, it wasn’t as windy which made it easier, but the times were trickier to make.

Things to do at home:

  • Play some telling the time games on topamarks.co.uk




We have been working on our reading comprehension skills to show our understanding of our books. We have been identifying the main ideas in stories and answering questions in sentences. We have been working on giving reasons for our answers, such as when we are asked “who is your favourite character?” we say why we like them.


  • Practise your child’s spelling words at home, you can practise writing them, or saying them aloud.
  • Please talk to your child about their reading book. There are some questions you could ask before, during and after reading on the link below.
  • There are also more activities linked to the Read Write Count book bags in the link below.


We have been learning about how sound travels and did an experiment using paper cups and string. The sound travels down the string and is made louder by the cup.

We talked again about the River of Life and who can help us when we feel sad, upset or worried and all the things we can do to make ourselves feel better if the river of life gets choppy. It was fun designing our dream room with lots of things in it that make us happy.

We made snowflakes and Christmas scenes for our window art and enjoyed seeing all the other classes creative ideas for the Outdoor Christmas Art Exhibition.

Have a great weekend! 😊