P4H’s Learning 4.12.20

This week the class were faced with 3 challenges :- to produce an Assembly, create art work for the Walk Around Art Exhibition and to complete our Learning Stories, all amidst the excitement of the beginning of Christmas. They have worked really hard together and completed all 3 Challenges ! Fantastic achievement this week! We have also continued developing learning skills…..

Todays Blog is compiled by the class.


Here is next week’s Spelling

Soft ‘g’ rule.                                                                                                                 Soft ‘g’ says ‘j’ when followed be e i or y

Core–    gem  gym  gel  germ  gerbil  agent  giant  

Challenge – Germany  advantage  digestion  magically  gymnastics  pigeon  Egyptian  giraffe  energetically

Tricky words- any, many

Home learning Try writing out your words in colour

VCOP Advent Calendar. Every day we have a different task to complete . So far we have had to find adjectives, make a sentence with a conjunction . make up openers and what question would you ask Santa’s Elf?

Our Assembly

We worked in our table groups . We chose an area which we have enjoyed doing this year and made up a script together. We practised it and had to keep editing it. Then we had to find props to make it more interesting. We had to learn our part and then record it for the powerpoint. We were all very nervous doing our performance. It was nerve racking watching it back today!

St Andrew’s Day We found out who St Andrew was , that he was a fisherman and why he is our Patron Saint. We have discovered why the town of St Andrews and St Andrew’s Square are called that!

Christingle This is celebrated in some countries.It is a Christian celebration meaning Hope. A candle goes on top of an orange and there are 4 sticks of fruit in the side , which stand for the 4 seasons.

Home learning Can you tell someone about both these celebrations

Subtraction . We learnt how to do column subtraction with up to 2 digits.

Time We have been learning to read the time and convert from digital to analogue. Quarter to and quarter past have been the trickiest. It is tricky understanding that 3.45 says quarter to 4 not quarter to 3. We have been working in pairs to try to improve our understanding.

It is important to make the hands the right size too.

Home Learning Practice converting between digital to analogue https://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/earlymath/clock_shoot.htm

Beat That ! We are getting quicker at completing the quick fire questions.

Christmas Art Exhibition. we made trees out of paper strips and joined them all together to make a Christmas Tree. They look really effective on the windows .

We made chains for the rest and decorated the classroom.

Learning Reflections We spent time reflecting on the term’s work and filled in our Learning Story comments. We were able to see what we have improved in and what we might work on next term We realised we have done a massive amount of work since August!

Outdoor learning . We continued with Living Things and looked at the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. We went outside to see if we could spot examples of each.

Home Learning . Explain the difference between the trees to someone.Can you spot any around your house.

PE We developed fitness skills and reactions with a fast ball game . We played “boxes” and practised throwing skills with a small ball.

Mrs Tulloch’s Lunchtime Chats . Some of us brought in fun facts to share . It was very interesting listening to each other.

And it snowed!!!

by P4H ( and Ms Hastie)