P5B Reflective Friday 4.12.20

Good afternoon everyone.


Our spelling pattern for next week is below. The children will work on this rule from Monday and throughout the week.

    • When a word ends with an f sound, change the f to v before adding es
    • Children should be taught to identify singular form before making the plural form

    e.g.    loaf  =  loav + es = loaves

Here are the words

knife                     knives

scarf                     scarves

loaf                       loaves

leaf                       leaves

calf                       calves

half                       halves

herself                  themselves

myself                  ourselves

thief                      thieves



We are continuing to work on multiplication in class and I have asked the children to practice at home. Next week we will be looking at multiplying by 7.

We have been working on a speed challenge for the x tables we have learned. I have attached these to practice with.

4 x table speed challenge

3 x speed challenge

I have also attached our Beat that sheets for the children to use.




Mr Bothamley