P7H – 4.12.20

In literacy we did literature circles, had a spelling rule that looked at when c sounds like s like in office any cycle. We wrote a story based on a picture of two people looking out a window. We had to use speech to create a vibe or a feeling in the story,

In maths we were learning about angles. We had a look at how to write and draw angles, measuring angles. We had to use a protractor. We learnt how to calculate the missing angle on a straight line and round a point.

We went for a walk round the school and saw the other classes artwork.

In German we looked at animals and tried naming them. Then we tried having a conversation asking your favourite animal.

In topic we are doing democracy. We created a campaign for the class MSPs. We made posters, flyers and rosettes for them. We also used the laptops to research information about democracy.

Home Learning

Practise drawing some angles and work them out with a protractor.

Find more spelling words that fit the rule and practise them

Practise German animals.