Reflective Friday 4.12.20

P4W Wonderful Woodland

Week ending 4 December 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog.

We have had another very busy week of learning, developing skills across the curriculum.

Please enjoy sharing your Learning Story at home which will be in school bags today. We hope you can look through the learning evidence your child has worked hard on in their story and then take time to read about their learning at the end. Please see their comments on their learning and add a comment and/or signature in the ‘parent comment’ section.
We would be grateful if you could do this as soon as possible and return the learning stories by next Friday 11th December.
Thank you so much!


  • Identifying character traits.
  • Finding evidence in a text.
  • Creating a mind map to show evidence.
  • Working out the meanings of words using the context.
  • Developing our comprehension skills.
  • Developing our reading skills- discussing and summarising a text, making predictions.
  • Developing our vocabulary.
  • Finding mistakes in sentences and checking for correct punctuation and grammar.
  • Up-levelling sentences to include interesting openers and adjectives.
  • Developing our cursive handwriting through accurate formation and spelling of our weekly words.
  • Building on our ability to spell words accurately within sentences and dictations.
  • Evaluating and reviewing our learning to share our successes and discuss next steps for our Learning Stories.

SpellingThis is the rule we will be working on next week- all spelling words will be on a Christmas theme! There are some word examples below for you to try before if you would like:

  1. Rule –tch
  2. Insert /t/ when’ch’ follows a short vowel sound

Super – fetch  ditch   patch  witch  stretch Scotch

Fantastic – snatched  scratched   catching   pitching

TRICKY WORDS  does   goes

Ideas for home learning: Create family Christmas wrapping paper, with Christmas pictures and words.

Use your common word spelling lists on a previous blog post to practise your words. Can you use different active activities (see spelling cards posted previously and spelling walls on the Buckstone home learning blog page). Can you write your spelling words in the snow?

Talk through your Learning Story comments at home with a helper – identify what you said you have been able to do in your pupil comment.


  • Making addition calculations using the ‘Jump’ method.
  • Checking calculations using the grid, traditional and diamond methods.
  • Using a calendar- becoming familiar with important dates in December.
  • Making ‘date’ calculations using a calendar.
  • Building on our accuracy and speed with number calculations and number facts.
  • Using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to create number sums.
  • Revisiting our learning on months of the year and days of the week to be quick and accurate with ordering these and answering questions about them.
  • Understanding how to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks.
  • Using words to tell the time.
  • Finding o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times on different types of clocks.
  • Answering word problems and questions using our knowledge of time telling.

Ideas for learning at home- make a family calendar for December. Write the days of the week along the top then put the numbers in the correct places. Remember that the first day of this month was Tuesday. Decorate your calendar. Can you add some kindness things you could do each day to help? Extra Challenge- ask your family some December ‘date’ questions.

Practise telling the time o’clock, half past and extra challenge – quarter past and quarter to! Here are some links to games you could try:

  1. https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/116/telling-the-time   
  2. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?q=telling+time

Mental Agility

  • Developing quick and accurate recall of number facts.
  • Calculating half of a 2- digit number.
  • Jigsaw numbers to 100.

Health and Wellbeing

  • We are exploring strategies to help us become more resilient.
  • Developing our cooperative skills and fitness.
  • Creating a team fitness routine.
  • Learning in our outdoor environment.
  • Sharing kind comments with others to create our P4 Kindness Dot.
  • Reviewing our learning on Health and Wellbeing as part of our Learning Story.
  • Engaging in fitness and yoga activities as part of our PE during adverse weather.

Social Skill

  • We are learning how to listen carefully- what this looks like and sounds like.
  • Working cooperatively- making a positive contribution to the team.
  • Being respectful of others.


  • Learning in our outdoor environment-discovering how many habitats are in our school grounds.
  • Develop our knowledge of Art and create outdoor Art using our symmetry understanding and a range of outdoor materials.
  • Creating an engaging and interesting Christmas window display – come and take a look outside our rooms if you can!
  • Developing our knowledge of living things through ICT research.
  • Create an informative poster/fact-sheet about living things.

Ideas for developing learning at home –find out which birds visit your garden.  Create a tally chart of the birds you see. Make some detailed drawings of the birds you see.

Continue to research an interesting aspect of Living Things – you might like to use this website: http://www.treetoolsforschools.org.uk/categorymenu/?cat=activities – can you create a poster or leaflet about trees, plants or animals?

Can you create a piece of outdoor Art in your garden or at the park?

Have a great weekend!