P1 Lions Reflective Friday 11.12.20

The Lion’s have had another great week in Primary 1! We have had lots of fun playing with our friends both inside the classroom and outside in the playground. We have really enjoyed the festive feeling we have created in the classroom!


This week we learned the last three sounds in Block 1, ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’. We also have been learning that the sounds are either bouncy or stretchy which we have been practising saying. We have also been learning more tricky words including ‘saw’ and ‘no’. We are also trying really hard to learn the common words to help us with our reading. We have been continuing to blend sounds together to create words using letter boards and some of us have been learning how to write the words on our own. We also have been continuing to write sentences in all aspects of our learning and trying to sound out words we don’t know. We learned it needs a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end. We also learned about vowels and consonants and learned that all vowels are bouncy sounds. We also noticed that at least one of the vowel letters were in our names and when we thought of different words we also noticed they had a vowel in them. Well done P1 on all your fantastic learning in term 1 of literacy.

We had lots of fun watching Geraldine the Giraffe, playing lots of games about our new sounds! At the moment we cannot sing the jolly phonics songs due to government guidelines so if you would like to sing them at home, the link is posted below. Below is also a link to the tricky word song. Please have a look at this at home and enjoy singing it at home.

We also continued with our reading this week and read a new book together. We are learning how to make predictions about a text with the information we have in the text and in the illustrations, we are using the words that are on our books to make sentences. We are working very hard on developing all our reading skills. We really enjoyed looking for words in the book, reading with a partner and we even read the book backwards which we found really silly but super fun! This week we had to cut and stick sentences from the book back together in the correct order. Some children decided to write the words onto their worksheets instead of sticking. This was great practice for handwriting!

In writing this week we wrote about a Christmas/Winter wish we had. These ranged from being Santa for the day, becoming friends with Rudolph and even building a giant snowman bigger than our houses. The children’s ideas are always very creative and imaginative! We also introduced star steps for writing which the children assessed their work against. These including using a black pen for their drawing, has their picture got detail in the background, have they used a capital letter and a full stop in their sentence etc. We then both self and peer assessed our work.

Things to try at home:

  • Practice the common words found in the book which were sent home. If you don’t have the flashcards the list of words is: Biff, Chip, Kipper, Mum, Dad, Floppy, and, a, the, I, me, he, to, is, his, was, put, went saw and no.
  • Learn the tricky words by sight. Practice reading, writing and saying them out loud. Remember these words cannot be sounded out.
  • Please practice the sounds from Block 1 and ensure that you know them by sight as after Christmas we will be moving on to Block 2 sounds and digraphs which are trickier for the children to learn.
  • Practice writing simple sentences at home. Why not write/draw about an adventure you had in the snow!
  • Use the alphabet flashcards which were also sent home and ask your child to tell you the sound. (Some we have haven’t learned yet but will have before Christmas – if you have time you could see if your child knows what they are!)
  • Go on a letter hunt. Look around you for places where you can see any of the letters you know. Remember to say the pure sound of the letter not the name. ( so a= ah, not ay )


This week in numeracy we also continued with the SEAL programme. In SEAL we practised saying the number before and number after in the range to 30 and beyond. We also loved playing my turn, your turn counting up and back down to and from 30. We also learned about sharing between equal groups and learning that for something to be equal each person has to have the same amount. We learned about recognising pairs patterns without having to count every dot on the card. We also learned how to count a value from two different collections and practiced counting claps, both random rhythms and simple beats. We also learned number bonds to 10. It has been a very busy week in maths!

We also learned about symmetry this week. The class have made lovely Christmas symmetrical pictures. We also learned that for something to be symmetrical it must look the same if it was to be cut in half. We used mirrors to help us with our drawings. We found drawing the pictures a little bit tricky but we were resilient and continued to work hard at them. However, colouring in the pictures the children were great at making them symmetrical!

Things to try at home:

  • Draw a symmetrical pattern or picture.
  • Look for symmetrical objects/pictures in your house or in the garden. Can you spot anything in nature?
  • It would be great if you could practice the difference between before and after when counting. Ask your child to give you the number before 20, for example and the number after. extra challenge – work with larger numbers between 30-100.
  • Go on a shape hunt around your house. Can you tell an adult what shape the object is? Can you describe it’s faces, sides and corners? Can you draw it?
  • Write a simple number sentence for your child. For example 2 + 2 = 4. Can your child create the sentence using objects like pencils, stones, leaves etc.
  • Write simple number sentences for your child. For example 4 – 2 = 2. Can your child notice how many is being taken away.
  • You could practice subtraction at home using everyday objects. Lay out 5 pencils and take 2 away can your child notice the take away sum?
  • Count items using 1-1 correspondence. Put down a quantity of small items, for example raisins, buttons, counters, small stones or lego bricks. Ask your child to count them carefully, pointing to, or moving each one in turn. can they count the total accurately? Increase the level of challenge by using a larger collection.
  • Number hunt: Ask your child to look for specific numbers in the street: buses, house numbers and ask your child to say the number that goes after and before that number.
  • Practice sharing items between ___ many people. Does every person have the same amount? Is it fair? Is it equal?
  • Practice number formation of the numbers 0 to 10 (or more if your child is confident with this already) As an extra challenge ensure they are writing two digit numbers the correct way around.

Other Areas


This week we continued our ball skills topic. We played lots of fun games which focused on all the skills we have learned over the course of the topic. It is clear that the children now have more control over a ball and can pass it to a friend in different ways.


This week we continue to say good morning and doing the register in French. P1 has been learning how to say hello and greeting each other every day in the language. We also learned how to say thank you in French this week. We will be continuing to learn more French in the following weeks and even more after Christmas.


We had great fun creating Christmas stockings using felt, glitter and lots of beautiful and sparkly Christmas decorations! These turned out so lovely. Well done P1!


We started to learn a few cursive letters this week and we can now write the word ‘cat’ joined up and we continued to use black pens to draw simple lines – horizontal and vertical. This teaches us the basic skills needed before we begin to write. We also continued to practice our funky fingers. This helps with holding pens and pencils to get ready for writing, we started using playdough to help make our hands and fingers stronger. We have been having lots of fun following, the videos below. If you have any playdough at home why not practice at home!

We have had lots of fun developing our social skills by playing with our peers in the classroom. We have lots of fun drawing pictures and making crafts, playing in the home corner and reading in the book corner. We also have lots of fun building castles and towers with the construction blocks. There is always lots of fun things to do in the classroom to support our learning and play. Some photos from last week’s learning as well!

Things to Try at Home

  • Play any of our P.E games from the term in the garden or find a cosmic yoga video to do inside on YouTube. There is lots of different stories to choose from.
  • Practise bouncing a ball and passing it to someone.
  • Practice writing the letters in cursive which we have learned so far – c, a, t.


  • Today a link was sent home for you to watch our nativity.
  • The children got to watch this together as a class and have loved making this to share with you.

Important Information for Next Week:

Monday 14th: Loose Parts – the children will be playing with the outdoor loose parts on Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately. The children will probably get rather wet and muddy – so wellies and waterproofs would be great!

Wednesday 16th: Christmas Party – we will be having our Christmas party on Wednesday. Please see email from school about wearing something practical but Christmasy! You can also provide your child with another snack to have in the classroom as part of the party. (Remember no nuts!)

Happy Weekend!

  • Learning Stories/Learning Journals – I hope you have managed to access your child’s learning journal and that you are able to see the Literacy and Numeracy comments. I have also sent home four pieces of your child’s work with comments on them. I hope this is useful to see how your child is progressing in P1 and any next steps. Please get in touch via the school office if you have any questions concerning anything mentioned above.
  • Ms Leach will be teaching the class on Monday.
  • P.E will be on Mondays and Thursdays – please come dressed and ready for P.E.
  • Please remember to label all items with your child’s name. We still have items that haven’t been claimed since August. Remember to label hats and gloves too! We have had a number of children’s items going missing so please check to ensure your child hasn’t brought anything which isn’t theirs home!
  • If you no longer have any resources at home – please get in touch and I will happily send some home in your child’s purple book bag.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and I will see you on Monday.

From Miss McGillivray