P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 11th December 2020

We hope you all enjoyed watching our first ever Digital Nativity. We had a great time preparing it for you and watching it together at school, Mrs Imrie came to watch it with us.

This week we have been very busy!


We have been learning:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet: this week we have focused on x, y and z. We have worked now in all our single sounds, we are delighted!
  • Tricky words: saw and no.

Please remember that tricky words cannot be sounded out and we need to learn them by heart.

  • We have all enjoyed watching Geraldine the Giraffe to help us learn our sounds. You can find these clips on Youtube.
  • At writing we have written to Santa to tell him all about us ( no wishes this time!). We are impressed with the children’s work!
  • We have continued to work on dictation. We wrote tricky words and we managed to write a sentence without help ‘The cat was sad’ . Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro are really impressed with our progress.
  • We have worked on our handwriting every day.
This is the video for the sound /z/

Home learning ideas:

  • Reading: work on the new sounds and tricky words provided on the blue cards. This should be for a maximum of 10 minutes per day.
  • Play snap with the tricky words.
  • You could play this game.


  • Read to your child books everyday and enjoy them.
  • We sent home on the purple folder a sheet of paper with all the sounds and actions from jolly phonics. We haven’t done the vowel digraphs or consonant blends yet. You could use them to reinforce the learning at home.

Numeracy and Maths

This week we have worked on:

  • The 100 square: ten more, ten less, one more, one less)
  • Ordering numbers up to 30 starting at different points.
  • Addition: working out the missing addend.
  • Doubles and near doubles to 10/20
  • Home Learning ideas
  • At Advent time counting backwards is a great way to reinforce the learning. This will help our subtraction skills.
  • We have used this website (doubles):


Other Areas

On Monday and Tuesday we had the opportunity of watching the online Panto: Jack and the beanstalk. We had a great time!

PE: We did yoga ( because we learned Y for yoga) and games.

We are learning a little bit of Spanish Christmas traditions: this week we learned a song and what people do in Spain on New Years Eve (ask me about the grapes!).

Independent learning

Other Information

  • Next Wednesday we will have our Christmas party. Children can wear party clothes that day but remember that the children will be playing outside too ! Children are invited to bring a drink and a small additional snack which could be a special treat ( remember no nuts)
  • Next Thursday, weather permitting, we will do a walk to the woodland area. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing as it will be cold.
  • Please could your child bring small or medium cardboard boxes from the recycling next week? We will be practising our wrapping skills!
  • Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro