P4H’s Learning 11.12.20

And almost there. Another busy week amidst the Christmas excitement. Despite Lockdown we have enjoyed a Panto, virtually The children embraced it and were brilliant at participating using thumbs up, down and whispering chants !

P4H Storytelling Week We have a number of aspiring authors who have been creating story books so next week we are having the unofficial P4H Storytelling Week where they will have a chance to premier their works. ….

Today’s Blog was compiled jointly . Here we are looking Festive!

Spelling Here are next week’s spelling for the –tch rule

Put a /t/ when’ch’ follows a short vowel sound

Core – fetch  ditch   patch  witch  stretch Scotch

Challenge – snatched  scratched   catching   pitching

TRICKY WORDS  does   goes

Christmas words Christmas, sleigh , Santa Claus, elf , elves, reindeer, stable, manger, present, decoration , wreath

Try writing them out in the most Christmassy way you can!

VCOP Advent Calendar .We have a daily challenge which can be about vocabulary , connectives , openers and punctuation

Creative Writing. We wrote a description of Santa’s Workshop . We had to use adjectives and think of our 5 senses.

We wrote a letter to Santa. We learnt how to set out a letter correctly with the address and date . We thought about what we would like as presents but also what we would like for the World..


Subtraction We ave been learning how to subtract 3 digits from 3 digits without borrowing. We have learned that lining up the numbers is very important other wise the sum is wrong.


We have been practising quarter to in digitally and analogue daily and recording it in our books. Some of us are still finding it a bit tricky .to convert quarter to , to digital eg 3.45 means quarter to 4! We are also realising that it is important to make sure the minutes and hour hands are used properly

Home Learning

Practise time with these sites.



RME We listened to the story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We recorded it in cartoon form. It is another type of story writing . It is called a genre. We watched the P1 Nativity . It was wonderful and emotional and we were inspired by it

Christmas Traditions Every day we open a page on our Fact Advent Calendar and learn a new fact about Christmas . We have learnt why we have traditions like cards trees, carols, Yule log, stockings and pudding

Home Learning. Try sharing the facts with someone

We have been learning how Merry Christmas is said in other languages.

Home Learning Can you find out how another language ?

Pantomime We talked about the history of pantomimes and how they make us laugh. We loved watching the virtual panto . It was amazing . We had to listen hard and try not to shout out or sing but was great fun. We looked at how they filmed it during Lockdown.

Outdoor Learning,

We looked for signs of habitats. We found a leaf to describe. In Loose parts we were challenged to build an animal habitat! It was awesome! We used creativity, imagination, construction, team building,adapting and assessing skills !

PE We used our new hoops . We were rolling , throwing, skipping , passing and on our own and in pairs!

Mrs Tulloch’s chats It was our turn to share facts. Home Learning Can you remember any to tell at home?

Top Secret ! Shhh! We have been assigned to do a special project and working on that but it is a secret. More news next week…..

One week to go with the party on Wednesday morning to look forward to…….

by P4H ( and Ms Hastie)