P6J Class Blog 11.12.20

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 

A reminder that P6J have a Christmas Party next Tuesday. Children are welcome to come dressed in party clothes and bring a snack and drink to enjoy after the party. 



We continued our Literacy Evolve novel called ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’. We were learning to use evidence from the text to explore key events and ideas. We identified evidence in the text to describe the setting before the war and during the war in order to compare. 

We completed the Super Summariser task using the structure of ‘Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then’ to help us and we discussed our books in our Literature Circles. New books will be given out after the Christmas break.

We looked at homophones with Mrs Bailey (e.g. there, they’re, there and were, where, to, two, too).

We enjoyed watching the Panto ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’!  (Oh yes we did!)

We have been reading our class novel ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ and discussing this in class.


Please return all Literature Circles books to class as soon as possible. 


Spelling for next week: removing ‘e’ and adding the suffix ‘ing’.

Super: rescuing educating aching amusing hoping shining joking writing using making

Fantastic: accelerating arranging concentrating evaporating rehearsing separating manufacturing managing wrestling fascinating

Tricky words: ring wring literature


Home Learning Ideas:

  • Continue to practise your spelling words at home.
  • Practise writing a summary of another book using the structure ‘Somebody Wanted But So Then’.


Maths and Numeracy:

In numeracy we have been learning about decimals and fractions.

We revised our decimal skills (e.g rounding, adding, subtracting and multiplying decimal numbers).

We have been learning how to calculate a fraction of an amount (e.g. two fifths of 25). Here is an explanation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjtg47h 

We continued our Numeracy Ninjas to practise mental maths (e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), times tables and key maths skills.

Home learning:

  • Topmarks / Hit the Button / Daily 10 to practise multiplication and division facts.


In P.E, we completed a beep test to test our fitness. We practised skipping skills using one foot and two feet. We have started to add in some tricks to our skipping.

We used compasses outside and created directions for one another to follow using compass directions to help us.

We played drama games using different movements. 

We created Christmas cards with Mrs Bailey and Miss Collyns. 

We are looking forward to Christmas fun next week! Have a lovely weekend!