P7H – 11.12.20

Reflective Friday – 11.12.20


  • This week we did our Literacy Circle Tasks. One of the tasks we have is ‘you’re hired’. For this task we have to think of a job that the character might like and the reasons why they would be good at it. Another is Literacy Luminary, you have to choose a paragraph in the book that you read and discuss it with your group thinking about vocabulary and what they are trying to do to ‘bring you into’ the book. A third job is Character Symbolisation, you have to draw aspects of the character around the character image.
  • Writing – We have been using the Kevin the Carrot advert to start writing a diary. Some of the aspects of diary writing we looked at were using the correct punctuation, writing in first person, using informal language and writing how you would write – not the queen!

Numeracy/ Maths

In maths this week we have been looking at drawing triangles accurately. First of all we learned how to draw them with one angle and two lengths given to us and then we looked at how to do them when given two angles and one edge length.

With Miss Collyns we tried out some word problems using formal multiplication methods (chimney sums).


  • In PE we did a game where there are beanbags in the middle and you take them back to your hoop. Once they are all gone you then steal from other hoops. We started to defend our hoops which made it harder.
  • In German we learned about how Germans celebrate Christmas. We found out that they eat fruit cake and stolen, they have a person called Krampus who steals children who misbehave.
  • We started to do some Christmas/winter crafts.
  • In Topic we did our debate, and the MSPs are going to get to share something good that they want to put into place.
  • We watched the pantomime!! Instead of shouting out we wrote the replies on paper and waved them about when we wanted to say BOOOO or It’s behind you.

What we enjoyed

  • Christmas Jumper Day
  • Making the Christmas/winter crafts
  • Watching the P1 Nativity
  • Listening to some Christmas songs.

Next steps/home learning

  • Practice drawing triangles using a protractor to measure the angles.
  • Draw a triangle and measure the angles and lines accurately.
  • Practice spelling some Christmas words!