Reflective Friday 11.12.20

P4W Wonderful Woodland – Week ending 11 December 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog.

We have had another very busy week of learning, developing skills across the curriculum.


  • We are developing our knowledge and use of pronouns.
  • We have using been the characters from Ottoline and the Yellow Cat to develop our use of pronouns.
  • We are learning how to use cursive handwriting to accurately spell words – including the ‘tch’ spelling pattern.
  • We are developing our listening skills by enjoying a Christmas performance – at our pantomime, with the Church message from Cheryl and enjoying the P1 Virtual Nativity.
  • We have been developing our ability to read and answer a range of questions about a text – this week we enjoyed watching a Christmas advert called Mog’s Christmas Calamity.
  • We are building on our writing reflections by writing interesting and engaging performance reviews – we enjoyed watching our virtual Christmas pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • We are developing our skills in accurate spelling to spell common words and tch words within dictations.
  • We are enjoying taking part in common word spelling active tasks to help us learn in different ways.
  • We can use skimming and scanning techniques to find words with our spelling pattern.
  • We are developing our writing skills and building our confidence in writing using the theme of ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’ We are enjoying sharing our stories and listening to others share with us.

Ideas for home learning:

  1. Write down pronouns you find in your home reading group. You will be amazed how many you find!
  2. Test yourself with your ‘tch’ words from this week using the words below and one of the spelling card activities that you like to do in class – teach it to your helper (remember these activities have been uploaded in a previous blog post!)
  3. Watch the Christmas advert that we enjoyed together and try out answering some of the questions on the reading mat yourself – here is the link: https://www.thelearningzoo.co.uk/literacy/new-mogs-christmas-calamity-task-map/
  4. Can you write a performance review? Perhaps you have enjoyed watching a film, advert or a show sometime recently or over the weekend. Can you draw some of your favourite ‘snapshots’ and add some comments below? Remember this week Mrs. Ling was looking for you to vary your sentence starters as one of your main star steps! ‘My favourite part was when….’ ‘I liked it when….’ ‘I found it interesting when…’ are some examples!

Spelling- Rule- tch

Insert ‘t’ when ‘ch’ follows a short vowel sound.

FANTASTIC– fetch ditch pitch  witch  scratch watch  itch  pitch  watches

SPECTACULAR– patchwork   bewitched   blotchy ketchup kitchen butcher butterscotch itchiest

Tricky words- goes does

Next week’s spelling- Christmas words.


Using strategies to add several numbers – Using our knowledge of jigsaw numbers, doubles and fact families.

Using our skills for real- life examples.

We are developing our knowledge of telling the time, including building on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to using analogue and digital clocks.

We are challenging ourselves to read times at 5-minute intervals.

We are beginning to answer simple questions about durations of time.

We have been working on our speed and accuracy with number facts and sums during our Beat That challenges.

Ideas for Home Learning:

  1. Practise one of your addition strategies – maybe one that you find tricky or that you would like to share with a helper at home!
  2. Use one of the Time games/videos to practise telling the time (remember we have talked about practising the part that you are finding tricky!) – here are some suggestions of links below: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?q=telling%20the%20time
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zhk82hv/articles/zcmdwxs
  4. https://toytheater.com/telling-time/
  5. Have a go at a type of Beat That that you could set yourself!

Mental Agility

Developing quick and accurate recall of number facts.

Health and Wellbeing

We are exploring strategies to help us become more resilient.

Developing our fitness and cooperative working/planning. Our fitness routines are ready to teach to the class.

Learning in our outdoor environment- finding different habitats for birds.

Developing our ball skills, using a personal best challenge and trying to work with a range of peers.

We are discussing our feelings, emotions and how to deal with challenging scenarios.

Ideas for learning at home

  1. Make up a fitness routine with four or five different exercises. Decide how many of each, then calculate how many moves in total.
  2. What animals live in your outdoor environment or nearby your house?

Social Skill

We are learning how to listen carefully- what this looks like and sounds like.

Working cooperatively- making a positive contribution to the team.


Developing our art and design skills- designing and creating Nature’s own Christmas decorations. The glitter is out!

We are learning how to create outdoor Art using the style of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Can you talk through this at home and create a piece of Art somewhere using his style?

We had lots of fun watching the Christmas Pantomime and dressing up in Christmas Jumpers! We worked hard to design a new Christmas jumper!

Have a great weekend everyone! Get ready for our Christmas Party next week!!