P2W Wonderful Wolves 18.12.2020

Hello Wonderful Wolves and Happy Friday! ūüėä

Whole School Movie Day

We have a whole school ‘Movie Day’ in school on Monday 21st December. It will take place in our classroom in the afternoon. You may want to provide your child with an extra snack for this.¬†

In literacy we have covered:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet
  • Sounding out/blending/spelling CVC, CCVC and CVCC words
  • Tricky words¬†
  • Letter formation/Hand Writing
  • Reading Christmas stories in class
  • Factual Writing – ‘Christmas Party List…’
  • Writing Star Steps this week: write a title, use bullet points, write 5 facts, include colour and pictures
  • Descriptive Writing – ‘My Christmas Tree’ (we didn’t manage to do this last week)
  • Writing Star Steps this week: write a title, write at least 2 super sentences, use describing words, include a detailed picture


  • Stories in class and skills linked to these: prediction, recalling and sequencing skills¬†
  • Silent reading/independent reading


Here is a link the PowerPoints of our Block 1 -8  tricky words:

Tricky Word Block 1 PP

Tricky Word Block 2 PP

Tricky Word Block 3 PP

Tricky Word Block 4 PP

Tricky Word Block 5 PP

Tricky Word Block 6 PP

Tricky Word Block 7 PP

Tricky Word Block 8 PP


  • If you would like to do some extra spelling practice please find attached the First 100 and Second 100 Fry Words below
  • Choose a few words each week to focus on
  • Make flash cards of these words to support you
  • Show the word, read the word out loud together, hide the word, write the word independently then check and correct together

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Timed addition and subtraction calculations focussing on speed, accuracy and correct number formation
  • To move into the next level of the timed challenge learners must;
    • complete all calculations within 5 minutes
    • have the correct answer for every calculation
    • have the correct number formation for every answer¬†
  • Number formation¬†
  • Christmas Maths Activities


  • ¬†Christmas yoga and Fitness Videos, running outside

Morning Starters: 

  • Monday – Weekend Whiteboard
  • Tuesday – Fine Motor Control
  • Wednesday -Literacy/Sound Activity
  • Thursday – Numeracy Activity
  • Friday – Literacy Activity¬†

Learning Through Play Activities:

  • Role Play/Small World Play¬†
  • ¬†Mindfulness colouring/drawing
  • Block Play
  • Lego
  • ¬†K’nex
  • Arts and Crafts Table
  • Construction
  • iPads – Literacy/Numeracy


We had our Christmas party on Thursday morning which was lovely. It was so nice to get into the gym hall, play games and have a dance! The children had a great time and everyone looked amazing in all their party clothes!



  • Please could you return your child’s Learning Story next week with a short comment or signature. Many thanks.

I hope you have a fun weekend and I will see you all on Monday! 

Only 7 sleeps to go! ūüėä

Mrs Williamson x