P3C Blog 18/11/20

We finished reading Charlotte’s Web this week. It has been the class’s favourite book this year. It’s an exciting and engaging read that made us laugh, cry, happy, sad and excited! We completed book reviews for Charlotte’s Web and made baby spider parachutes for outdoor learning.

For numeracy we have been practising the subtraction strategies we have learned. We have also been converting analogue to digital times. There are no hands on a digital clock and we need to remember that on a digital clock it always shows the hours first and then the minutes.

We played two new and exciting games in PE this week: “Steal the Presents” and the “Rock Paper Scissors Race”.

Thursday was our Christmas PARTY! The class looked fantastic and had a great time dancing and playing games in the gym hall!

Highlights of Week:

“Testing the baby spider parachutes was really fun!”

“The party was awesome!”

“We liked playing the games at the Christmas party!”

“The Christmas party was lots of fun I really liked playing corners!”

“I liked playing musical statues”

“I enjoyed playing steal the presents game in PE”

“I liked the rock, paper, scissors game in PE”

“I really liked the Christmas Quiz!”

Have a great weekend! One more week to Christmas Day!!!