Learning Together at Home 15.01.21

Friday 15th January 2021

Good morning Lions and happy Friday!

While we are learning together at home I will be working with you on Fridays. It is lovely to be back with you and seeing all your learning. Miss McGillivray and I are looking forward to meeting with you all on Teams later.

We hope you enjoyed this week of learning and have found a routine which suits you and your family. We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your lovely work on the e-learning journals.

Next week we will be sharing with you key tasks to do each day, if you are finding the workload too much.

Please ensure you upload your highlight of the week on the Learning Journals by responding to our message.

Later today Miss McGillivray will post the usual reflective Friday post, if you do not wish for your child’s learning to be included in this, please contact the school admin account to let us know. You could share with us, either in the weekly highlight or attached to a picture of home learning a comment from your child. This could be a message to a friend in the class, a teacher or telling us something exciting you have done or learned this week. We will include these on the weekly reflection. We thought this would be a nice way to stay connected as a class and help your child still feel apart of our P1 community.

As always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the learning for today!

Morning Routine:

Wake up, shake up

Start your day like we always do in school! Here is the challenge – get someone in your family to do it with you! Say hello in French to someone like we do during the register!

Morning Workout:

Start your morning with some cosmic yoga! I have attached a video which I thought you might enjoy, but you could search on YouTube for an episode you prefer!



On a Friday in school we would normally do dictation on our focus sound/words of the week. This is when I read the words out to you and you try to spell them correctly in your jotters or on a white board.  

Today we would like you to work with your adult to do some dictation.

There will be 6 words using our focus sounds for this week, and also a short sentence using our tricky word(s) of the week,

You will need – a pencil and paper or a whiteboard and pen.

The adult should read the word, use the word in a sentence to give context, then repeat the word to be dictated –

e.g. “Please write the word shop. I went to the shop. Shop

If you wish to do some extra dictation practise using the block one tricky words we were learning in school you will find the tricky word lists on Spelling City  

Here are the dictation words and sentence for this week:-

shop                       chin

wish                         chop                                   

shed                        rich

I can go to the shop on the bus.

Numeracy and Maths

  • We are learning to keep our mental maths skills quick and accurate.

For maths on a Friday we would like you to choose one (or more) activities from this Mental Maths Grid to support your learning of mental maths skills.


There are also links to differentiated maths games to support a range of mental maths skills. Choose the level which provides appropriate pace and challenge for you.

Skills Development

There are lots of skills needed to become successful lifelong learners. We have put together a Skills Development Grid which can be found here .


It includes fun, practical and purposeful skills that will help you learn important life skills.

Please note the skills should be carried out with the support and supervision of an adult.

I hope you have a lovely day! As always, we are here to support you with anything.

Ms Leach