Learning together at home. Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good morning Tigers!

How are you all?

We hope you are good and enjoying your learning at home. We really miss you! Hopefully soon we will be all together again!



Sound wh

Learning Intention (What we are learning today):

  • I am learning that two letters together make one sound.
  • I am learning to recognise the diagraph wh
  • I am learning to segment, word -build and blend using wh

Success Criteria (How can I show that I have learned and understood)

  • I can identify that t and h together make the sound wh (2 letters make one sound)
  • I can read words that have the sound wh
  • I can write words that have the sound wh
  • I can identify words that contain the sound wh

Introduce the sound wh. We have attached a PowerPoint with the same format that the one we use in the class.

  1. First slide:  the children will be able to see three images. Ask the children to look at them (sometimes they might need to be prompted) and ask them to guess which sound they think they are going to be learning about.Click the link for Geraldine!
  2. Second slide: Look at the sound and say all the words on it. If your child wants to help they can read them too however we will be doing blending on the next few slides so there is no need to do so.
  3. The next slides they have animation (there is sound on all the slides):
  4. First you will see the sounds. Talk about how many sounds and how many letters. Make a point about there are more letters than sounds.
  5. As you click say the sound, stretch the sounds, they will move to make a word.
  6. Tricky word: We have to see it look at the letters and practice it as it can’t be sound out. We need to learn it by heart.

Wh sound ideas

You don’t need to do them all just choose one that suits your child and your family.

Words: when, whip, which, whim, whizz

Tricky words: be and she

Challenge: Could you read these sentences?

  • Zak put on the wig.
  • It did not fit him.
  • Be Geraldine! Look for things in the house that have the sound wh and take a photo and post it on your learning journal.

Challenge: Could you sound them out and write them without help?

  • Wh spotter

Use this worksheet and she how many words you can find with the wh sound. Remember that you don’t have to print this: you can point at the words at the screen.

You can also try to write wh and read the words wh worksheet.

  • Beat the clock

Write as many wh words as you can in 33 seconds.

Reading books

Read your reading book without help.

Reading caterpillar: Ask an adult to make up a question from each colour section for you to answer or you could make up questions for them to answer! 



Recognising Coins 

Today we are going to be learning all about money. We will be learning how to recognise some coins and their values. If you have real money or toy money this would be helpful for today’s learning as this topic is most engaging and beneficial when using hands on resources.

Learning Intention: (What are we learning today) 

  • I am developing my awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins.

Success Criteria: (How can I show that I have learned and understood) 

  • I am starting to recognise 1p, 2p and 5p.
  • I can put the coins (1p, 2p and 5p) in value order from smallest to biggest (by value)
  • I know that not every number (up to 5) is represented by a coin.


First show your child some coins (real or online if you don’t have any) and ask him/her:

  • If they know what they are.
  • How do they look like
  • If they are all the same. What is similar and what is different.
  • What do we use them for.

Look at this video.

Today is a just about experimenting with the coins, looking at them (features, colour shapes and numbers on them) feeling them.

Activities:  Choose one of the activities below:

  • Give your child some coins and ask her/him to create some art work. Some ideas below. The idea is for the children to get used at the size and features ( we are not learning about value yet). You could also draw around them.
  • Put 1p. 2p and 5p coins in a bag, ask your child to choose one without looking ask your child to guess which coin it is by its size. You could take turns and see who guess most.
  • Can you spot the coins game:


  • If you wish you could Go on Sumdog and complete today’s challenge: Recognising Coins  

Expressive Arts


Learning Intention 

I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials

Success Criteria  

  • I can solve a  simple design problems, working on my own and with others (adults), using a degree of trial and error.
  • I can makes a model based on an aspect of the natural environment such as natural items from the sea shore, the countryside, a forest.
  • I can use different materials to create a piece of art.  


Use an egg box you have collected, or if you don’t have one, a different item e.g. cardboard box, toilet roll tube etc. Use this to create whatever you like, be creative and paint/colour it in and use other materials to help bring your creation to life.  


  • A caterpillar  
  •  Octopus
  • Train
  • Unicorn
  • Jelly fish

Look at the examples below but please create anything you want. We are looking forward to seeing your amazing creations!

General Ideas

 Here you will find some additional link and ideas for literacy and Maths activities if you wish to use them.


  • To help you with handwriting and review letter formation that we have already done you could use this:


  • This game is good for tricky words:


  • You could use this game to make and read sentences:


You don’t need a computer to do this game: write words that we have worked on and tricky words (some with capital at the beginning) and full stops. Ask your child to make sentences with them.


  • Create a shop and be the shop keeper. Ask someone in your family to be the customer.   
  • Coin hunt: you could set up a treasure hunt around your house/garden looking for coins. When you find one, can you recognise the value? 
  •  Continue to look for things the same size as your coin.  

We hope you have a wonderful time learning at home.

Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro