Learning together at home. Thursday 21st January 2021

Good morning Terrific Tigers! How are you today?

Did you enjoy the snow yesterday? We had a great time at school!

Look at this:

Are you ready to learn?



Please revise this week’s sounds: th and wh


Can you write five words with the sound th and five with the sound wh?


Write a sentence using one of those words.



Learning Intention (What we are learning today):

–        We are learning to write in sentences.

Success Criteria (How can I show that I have learned and understood):

–        I can put capital letters in the right place.

–        I can use finger spaces.

–        I can use full stops.

–        I can sound out the words to try to write them.

–        I can write a sentence that makes sense.

Today you are going to write about your Mum.

First talk to an adult about your mum: Think about what you would like us to know about your mum (we will be your audience). Think about: what she looks like, what does she like doing, what do you like about your mummy (we are sure there are lots of things that you like about your mummy!

Draw a detailed picture (you don’t have to colour it in, black pen drawing if you have one), think about her hair, her eyes, her hands, her clothes, etc. We would love to see a picture of your mum (you could take a photo of your work and upload it on the e-learning journal once you have finished).

Now you can try to write a few sentences:

–        The adult who is helping you can write the sentences starters (written below in cursive) so you can copy them. However, if you want a bit of a challenge try to sound out the words and write them without help (Adult, please don’t focus on correcting the spelling to start with if it is phonetically correct).

–        Sentence starters: Then start by:  My mum is …  Tell me everything you can about it: She is… Then tell me what you like about her: I like …because…. Can you write her name?

–        Your child should be able to write independently the worked tricky words (such as I, she, he, etc)

Non-negotiables (adult you could write a simple sentence and model it for your child):

•         Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.

•         Full stop at the end of a sentence.

•         Finger spaces between words.

We would love to see your amazing writing.

Please write the title and date for your child and then chose from one of the following:

–        Easiest: Adult to scribe for you and you copy the sentence underneath.

–        Medium: Attempt to write independently with adult supporting with trickier words.

–        Trickiest: Write independently. Try to write at least 4 sentences.


Read your reading book to an adult independently.

Book Review:

Please tell an adult what you did/did not like about the story and why.



Understanding the value of coins up to 10p.

Learning Intention: (What are we learning today) 

Success Criteria: (How can I show that I have learned and understood) 

  • I can recognise 1p, 2p ,5p and 10p.
  • I am starting to understand the value of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.
  • I can put the coins (1p, 2p, 5p and 10p) in value order from smallest to biggest (by value)
  • I know that not every number (up to 10) is represented by a coin.

Learning focus

You could listen to this song today we are focusing on coins at to 10p.

Resources: ten 1p coins, eight 2p coins, two 5p coins, one 10p coin.

You can also watch this video, please pause the video and ask your child to answer to the questions:



Choose one of these activities:

  • Label a few toys with prices (up to 10) and play shops. Ask your child to pay with right coin to start with and then ask to combine coins or show can he/she pay the same amount using different coins. (e.g. 5p could be: one 5p coin /five 1p coins /two pence coins and 1p coin/ three 1p coins and one 2p coin)
  • Faster fingers Power Point game
  • Worksheets


Adding coins (very challenging, up to £2 coins that we haven’t worked on yet however your child might be confident with coins and you might want to try this game)




Have you ever seen dancing raisin?  

Follow this link for more information and give it a go if you fancy.  

All you need is fizzy/soda water or clear fizzy lemonade, a glass and a few fresh raisins.


All you need is fizzy/soda water or clear fizzy lemonade, a glass and a few fresh raisins

  • Fill a glass with soda. 
  • You are going to drop the raisins one at a time into the fizz. Discuss what you think will happen. This is called predicting. 
  • Drop raisins into the glass. What happens? Do they sink or float? 
  • Then sit and watch what happens. You may need to be patient. It can take a minute or two for them to start moving. 
  • Were the results of your experiment what you predicted? 
  • Tip: You will need to separate the raisins first.  

Tip: You will need to separate the raisins first.  

General Ideas


These are ideas to try out throughout the week if you are looking for more ideas:

•         Revise single sounds of the alphabet (Jolly Phonics songs are available on YouTube)

•         Continue to work on sounding out and blending to read words.

•         CVC game: read the word using your knowledge of the initial sounds, blend the sounds together and click on the picture that matches the word. Play this game without the sound encouraging your child to sound the words out independently. 


•         These lessons from bitesize could be useful if you want to explore consonants and vowels to secure the learning done previously at school:



Websites that you can use for blending and making words:






Here are some further ideas of things you could do to continue the learning, if you would like to.  

  • Create a shop and be the shop keeper. Ask someone in your family to be the customer.  
  •  Coin hunt – you could set up a treasure hunt around your house/garden looking for coins. When you find one, can you recognise the value? 
  •  Continue to look for things the same size as your coin.  
  •  Lower or Higher – show a random coin, can you name the coin next higher in value or next lower in value? 

We hope you have a wonderful day!

Please let us know if you need support with anything. We are happy to help.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro