Learning Together at Home 27.01.21

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good Morning P1L,

Today’s Small Group Meetings:

G1 – 10:00-10:30

G2 – 10:45-11:15

G3 – 11:30- 12:00

Today we are going to do literacy together! I hope you have a lovely day!

Here is today’s learning:

Miss McGillivray

Morning Routine:

Wake up, shake up

Start your day like we always do in school! Here is the challenge – get someone in your family to do it with you! Say hello in French to someone like we do during the register!

Morning Workout:

This morning I am sharing with you one of our favourite things to do as a class. Brain Breaks! We use videos on YouTube from Go Noodle. Here is one of our favourites! If you want a fuller exercise video, you could do some Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks.


Today’s Focus  

Learning Intention (What we are learning today): 

  • I am learning that two letters together make one sound. 
  • I am learning to recognise the vowel diagraph oo 
  • I am learning to segment, word -build and blend using oo 

Success Criteria (How can I show that I have learned and understood) 

  • I can identify that o and o together make the sound oo (2 letters make one sound) 
  • I can read words that have the sound oo 
  • I can write words that have the sound oo 
  • I can identify words that contain the sound oo 

Introduce the sound oo. We have attached a PowerPoint with the same format that the one we use in the class. 

oo sound ideas 

Words: food, hoof, tool, wool, look, good, wood, shook, mood, moon, tooth. 

Tricky words: are/they 

Challenge: Could you read these sentences? 

Be Geraldine! Look for things in the house that have the sound oo and take a photo and post it on your learning journal. 

Challenge: Could you sound them out and write them without help? 


Choose one of the activities below 





White board 

Write the oo sound on a white board and a line before and after the oo sound. Look for objects around your house or draw them, write the word. You could take a photo of your work. Look below 

Reading books 

Read the book on your own. 

Make sentences using the words from your book. First make the sentences (ask an adult to write the sentences for you, you can chop into words) from your book then use those words to make new sentences. 

Maths: Today’s Key Task

Money: Making Amounts to 10p with different coins. 

Learning Intention: (What are we learning today) 

I am continuing to learn about money and the coins we use in Scotland. 

I am learning different ways to make amounts to 10p. 

Success Criteria: (How can I show that I have learned and understood) 

  • I can recognise coins to £2.  
  • I can use different coins to make the same amount. 
  • I can use visual tools to help me work with money. 


Revise last week’s learning by sorting coins from the smallest to biggest value as quickly as you can.  

Can you think of one way to make 5p and 10p? (Using more than one coin) 

Teaching Input: 

Today we are going to think about different ways we can make amounts to 10p. Last week we thought about making 5p and 10p. Using that knowledge, we are going to think of ways we can make other totals up to 10p. For example, 9p. 

How many ways can you think of to make 9p. – What coins can you use? Repeat with other values such as, 3p, 6p, 7p and 8p. For an extra challenge you could work towards values up to 20p.  


  1. Worksheet: How Much Money is in the Jar? – We are not asking you to do all 6 pages, we could not split the file into individual sheets. Please use either page 5/6 and write in values between 1p-10p. 1p-20p for an extra challenge.  
  1. Game: Making Amounts  


Learning intentions 

I enjoy singing and playing along to music of different styles and cultures.  

I have the freedom to use my voice, discover pitch and rhythm.  

I hope you enjoyed singing Sailor Sailor on the sea last time. Today I have a new song for you. It is called ‘Old Brass Wagon’. It has actions to do along with the words. Once you know the song well, perhaps you could invent some new action verses of your own. 

Old Brass Wagon 

On this next link you will find two scots songs, not by Robert Burns though, as he didn’t really write songs for children. I hope you’ll have fun with these songs. 

Spider/Katie Bairdie 


Choose one or two activities from the P.E grid.

General Ideas 


  • To help you with handwriting and review letter formation that we have already done you could use this: 


  • This game is good for tricky words: 


  • You could use this game to make and read sentences: 


You don’t need a computer to do this game: write words that we have worked on and tricky words (some with capital at the beginning) and full stops. Ask your child to make sentences with them. 


Here are some further ideas of things you could do to continue the learning, if you would like to.  

  • Create a shop and be the shop keeper. Ask someone in your family to be the customer.  
  • Coin hunt – you could set up a treasure hunt around your house/garden looking for coins. When you find one, can you recognise the value? 
  • Continue to look for things the same size as your coin.  
  • Lower or Higher – show a random coin, can you name the coin next higher in value or next lower in value?