Learning together at home. Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good morning Tigers!

Would you like to start the day with one of our songs? Remember this?

Here is the learning for today:



Learning Intention (What we are learning today):

  • I am learning that two letters together make one sound.
  • I am learning to recognise the vowel diagraph oo
  • I am learning to segment, word -build and blend using oo

Success Criteria (How can I show that I have learned and understood)

  • I can identify that o and o together make the sound oo (2 letters make one sound)
  • I can read words that have the sound oo
  • I can write words that have the sound oo
  • I can identify words that contain the sound oo

Introduce the sound oo. We have attached a PowerPoint with the same format that the one we use in the class.

oo sound ideas

Words: food, hoof, tool, wool, look, good, wood, shook, mood, moon, tooth.

Tricky words: are/they

Challenge: Could you read these sentences?

  • I look good on this shirt.
  • Look at the moon!

Be Geraldine! Look for things in the house that have the sound oo and take a photo and post it on your learning journal.

Challenge: Could you sound them out and write them without help?


Choose one of the activities below





White board

Write the oo sound on a white board and a line before and after the oo sound. Look for objects around your house or draw them, write the word. You could take a photo of your work. Look below.

Reading books

Read this week’s reading book on your own to someone in your your house.

Make sentences using the words from your book. First make the sentences (ask an adult to write the sentences for you, you can chop into words) from your book then use those words to make new sentences.



Today we are going to continue learning about different coins.

If possible, have a 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coin for your child to handle.

Have a discussion about winning a medal.

Which type of medal do you get if you come 1st in a competition?  (Gold)

2nd ( Silver) 3rd ( bronze ) You might also want to discuss that sometimes we get medals for taking part, even if you don’t win.

Now look at the coins. sort the coins into Gold, silver and ‘bronze’/copper.

Which coins are most valuable…, least,…. in the middle ?

Now sort the silver coins into the two different shapes.

I had fun playing a game of guess the coin. Have a look and see how I got on. You could try it too.

Now, watch this video where Dougie is learning about the shapes, sizes and colours of coins up to £1 He also learns how to put them in order of value using the idea of medals. ( Please note the £1 coin in the video is the old style one, so please point out the difference to your child to help avoid confusion )

Other area: Expressive Arts


Learning intentions 

  • I enjoy singing and playing along to music of different styles and cultures.  
  • I have the freedom to use my voice, discover pitch and rhythm.  

I hope you enjoyed singing Sailor Sailor on the sea last time. Today I have a new song for you. It is called ‘Old Brass Wagon’. It has actions to do along with the words. Once you know the song well, perhaps you could invent some new action verses of your own. 

General Ideas

  • To help you with handwriting and review letter formation that we have already done you could use this:


  • This game is good for tricky words:


  • You could use this game to make and read sentences:


You don’t need a computer to do this game: write words that we have worked on and tricky words (some with capital at the beginning) and full stops. Ask your child to make sentences with them.

We hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro