29.01.21 instructions

Good morning

It looks like there is some kind of issue with Office 365 this morning so in case you are struggling to access Teams, here are the instructions and resources for today:


Reflect on the maths and numeracy skills you have used this week (multiplication, division, problem solving and code breaking) and decide which area you would like some more practice at.

Then design a game to help you develop this skill. It could be a board game or something from this list.

OR spend at least 40 minutes practising your maths and numeracy skills on Sumdog.


Remember to keep reading your pages for week 3 but do not go ahead of the assigned pages.

Complete the Reflective Friday document for this week. It would be wonderful if you could share these in the Sharing our Learning channel on Teams. Either take a photo or upload the document to the chat.

Scottish Week

Complete the task called ‘Health and Wellbeing – where does our food come from?’ from the document Scottish Week.

Have a fantastic weekend P7H!