P2W Learning from home update

Hello P2W!

This week in literacy we have been practicing our sounds ‘nk’ and ‘ng’. We have also been writing out our tricky words and we even had a go at writing an acrostic poem. In numeracy and maths we were practicing our subtraction strategies and we tried a money project at home to learn more about paying for items. It was also scots week this week so we had a chance to try some Scottish themed learning for other curricular areas.

We also had a chance to read our class story ‘When pigs fly’ together and a Friday quiz of guess what it is!

Next week:

  • Teams meeting next week will be Wednesday at 11:30.
  • Your next assignment will be posted on Wednesday – you will have a week to complete (if you would like feedback).

Remember to try to stay active whilst we are Learning Together from Home, and that we have the “Virtual Race for Life” event in March. There is a PowerPoint on the class blog with information about Race for Life and ideas for training and staying active during lockdown. There is also P.E activities in our weekly grid.


A Friday joke:

Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?

Because she was stuffed!

Have a lovely weekend P2W, stay safe, stay happy!

Ms Russell