P1 Tigers Learning Together at home 2/2/21


This week we are going to review the sounds that we have been working during these weeks: sh, ch, th, wh, ee, oo. 

It is important to gain confidence with these sounds. 


Today our focus is th and wh: 

You could watch these videos to refresh your memory: 





Letters e and m  

Watch this video.

You can use a white board or a paper. It is useful for the children to have lines, so they have a reference and they can do all the letters the same size. 

As a warm up you could put flour or salt on a table/tray and practice the letter formation with your finger. 

Look carefully.  

  • We always start where the dot is, we go from the low left corner of the square to the top right corner of the square. 
  • We use the lines on the paper to help us to follow. 

We use this website in class to model the writing: 


Today try to read the reading book without support. Take your time, it doesn’t matter if there are words that you find tricky and adult will be able to support you. 

Now try to read your book backwards. From the end to the beginning.  

Remember reading every night with your child it is a fantastic way to encourage reading for pleasure, increasing your child’s vocabulary and most importantly …having a wonderful time with your child! 

Maths/Numeracy ***



Today you could choose to revisit any of the previous numeracy activities which you have found a bit tricky so far. 

We also have a sumdog assessment for you to complete if you wish,

Or you could play this helicopter rescue game to help consolidate your knowledge of number to 100 ( choose your own level of challenge) 

You can also login to your sumdog account and try the challenges which we will set for you there. Everyone should have received their sumdog login details by email.


Today we are going to think about how to say the colours of the rainbow in French. 

There are two videos for you to watch today. 

This first one teaches you the names of the colours, and asks you to say the words out loud. Don’t worry if it is tricky for you, just have a go. 

In the second video, A lady called Alexa sings the rainbow song in French. 


If you have a tablet, you might want to download the free app called Fun French, which has some great games to help you learn colours 

You may also want to print this French rainbow colouring sheet, or you could draw your own rainbow and try to say the names of the colours in French