Learning together at home. Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good morning our lovely Tigers!

How are you today? We hope you are all okay and looking forward to today’s learning!

A lovely song to start the day:


This week we are going to review the sounds that we have been working during these weeks: sh, ch, th, wh, ee, oo. 

It is important to gain confidence with these sounds. 


Please only reinforce the sound that your child needs to work on. Don’t do it all!!

Today our focus is ee and oo: 

You could watch these videos to refresh your memory: 



Would you like to try this game? 


Choose one of the activities below 


Spot the sound: 

oo worksheet 

ee worksheet 

White board 

oo sound: this week provide the first sound and the last sound of a word and your child could make the oo sound using: cereals, play dough, etc. 

ee sound 

Make a sheep with words with the ee sound 

Find the sound 

You could print or make your own version of the sheet below. Ask your child to look for one of the sounds ee/oo and put a counter/coin on the words that have that sound. Another option is to underline the words with one sound in one colour and the ones with the other sound with another colour. 

Ee/oo template 

Online game 


Reading books 

Read the book on your own. 

Make sentences using the words from your book. First make the sentences (ask an adult to write the sentences for you, you can chop into words) from your book then use those words to make new sentences. Can you think about other facts that you can tell another person about your book’s theme?



Today we are going to try combining our knowledge of number bonds and of money to try giving change to 10p.

  1.  warm up those number bond brains by watching this video.

You will need :

  • a collection of small denomination loose change
  • optional ‘price labels’

The adult should play the role of customer with a 10p coin, choosing an item to buy at a cost less than 10p. The child should work out how much change to give, then choosing the appropriate coins .

Now watch  this video of a boy playing a shopping game with 10p to spend. What problems does he have?

If your child is consistently accurate and confident, then they could try the challenge of giving change from 20p

A number bonds to twenty warm up can be found here


Chinese New Year

What is Chinese New Year?

You can watch this video to learn about the Chinese New Year Story.

  • Look at the photo Powerpoint below to see how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Discuss with an adult what you notice

Art Activity

Create your own Chinese New Year Dragon. Here are a few options on ways you could make your dragon. Choose one activity

Option 1:

Fire-Breathing Cup Dragon

Instructions below on how to make a fire-breathing dragon.

Option 2:

Paper Chain Dragon Puppet

  • Make a paper chain.
  • Draw and decorate a dragon head/tail on paper.
  • Attach together with glue.
  • Attach straws or lolly sticks to move.

See pictures below.

Option 3:

Draw/Paint Your own dragon. You could use different materials such as tissue paper or feathers to decorate.

A small tip to help us to cope with lockdown:

We hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro