Learning Together at Home 16.02.21

Tuesday 16th February 2021

Good Morning Lovely Lions,

I hope you had a restful and lovely holiday! I am looking forward to hearing all the fun things you have been up to.

This week we are going to have a whole class session on Teams on Friday at 11:00am.

I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you back in school next week.

Here is the weekly plan:

Reading books have been shared on the Learning Journals. Please continue to share your child’s learning on the journals – it is so lovely to see!

Have a lovely day,

Miss McGillivray x

Today’s Learning


This week we are going to introduce the pr initial consonant blend. 

Today’s Focus

Learning Intention (What we are learning today): 

  • I am learning that two letters together make one sound. 
  • I am learning to recognise vowel and consonant diagraphs. 
  • I am learning to segment, word -build and blend. 

Success Criteria (How can I show that I have learned and understood) 

  • I can identify that two sounds together make one sound 
  • I can read words that have the worked sounds  
  • I can write words that have the worked sounds  
  • I can identify words that contain the worked sounds  

Sound br 

Please watch the attached video

You can also watch this James Hartmann video 

Be Geraldine 

Find as many objects as you can in your house with today’s sound. 

Challenge: Could you write them without help? 

Spider splat game 

See PDF 

Reading books 

You will find your book for today on your child’s e -learning journal. 

Introduce the story and invite your child to relate to her/his own experience, tell/read the story and talk about it, encourage your child to re-tell you the story and talk carefully about the pictures. 

Look for any new words that are new for your child, discuss the meaning and think together about words that have the same meaning (synonym). 


Number Cups

Write the digits 0-9 around the rim of two plastic or paper cups (yoghurt pots would also work) You can make any number from 00-99 by turning the cups. numbers and counting

You can play several different “games” with the number cups.

1. Make a number and read it.

2. Adult says a number and child makes it.

3. Do a random spin of the cups and then read the numbers all the way around the rim before turning the cups again.

4. Adult makes a number and asks make a number and then I’ll ask what number comes before or after it.

5. Ask the child to make (e.g.) The number after…..

6. Use the cups to answer some simple addition or subtraction calculations

If you don’t have cups you can make a similar number generator with two carboard tubes (cut and tape one slightly smaller than the other to fit inside), or two circles of card, a smaller one on top of the larger one.

As an extension task, you might like to visit this paint the squares website where you can explore numbers to 100 in different ways. On this video you can see one example of how to use the game


Today is Shrove Tuesday. 

On Shrove Tuesday we traditionally make and eat pancakes. There are different types of pancakes – big thin ones, small thick ones –  and there are lots of tasty ways to eat pancakes. 

Perhaps you are making pancakes in your house today. If you do, it would be lovely to see some photos of you enjoying them, and maybe you could also tell us what you like to put on your pancake. 

If you would like to find out more about why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday then you can watch this video 


You could watch this video of how to make pancakes, then perhaps an adult could help you make some for your family. 

I would like to teach you a song about pancakes – you can watch my video here 

Have a lovely day!