Learning together at home. Wednesday 17th February 2021

Good morning Tigers!

How are you today?

Are you ready for some fun?

Did you enjoy your pancakes yesterday? We hope you did.

Listen to this story from Michael Rosen, It is not about pancakes but still good fun about a chocolate cake!

Here is your learning for today:



Sound br

You could watch this video to refresh yesterday’s learning:

Worksheet or game

Choose one of these activities

Word search



Game: Smelly words

Using shampoo/talk/shaving foam write words with the br sound


Letters p and d

Look at the video below. You can use a white board or a paper. It is useful for the children to have lines, so they have a reference and they can do all the letters the same size.

Look carefully.

  • We always start where the dot is, we go from the low left corner of the square to the top right corner of the square.
  • We use the lines on the paper to help us to follow.



We use this website in class to model the writing:



Today try to read the reading book without support. Take your time, it doesn’t matter if there are words that you find tricky and adult will be able to support you.

Retell the story to another person in your house or even to one of your toys! Retelling is a vital skill for young readers to work on to help them understand what they are reading.


Start by warming up your counting in tens brain by watching this video 

Did you notice that Jack didn’t always start at 10? One time he started at 5 and counted in tens. This is called counting in tens ‘off decade’. 

Watch this video and see how we can use a number square to help us make the pattern of counting in tens off the decade. 

You may wish to print this bottom to top hundred square. 


You could colour the tens pattern columns each in a different colour,  or make the patterns by putting beads or buttons on a column as you count, then taking them off and starting again on a different number. 

Knowing how to count in tens off the decade means we can quickly and easily add 10 any number without having to  ‘count on ten’ 


World Religions  

Today we are going to be learning about a new religion: Buddhism.  

Learning Intention: 

I know what a belief and a religion are.  

To understand some aspects of the Buddhism Religion and to discuss what they believe with an adult. 

Success Criteria: 

  • I can listen to an Buddhism story and discuss what Buddhists believe. 
  • I can share my thoughts about aspects within the story.  
  • I can be creative and use my imagination to bring the story I have heard to life. 


  1. Watch this video which highlights aspects of what Buddhist religion and what they believe.  

“The Buddhist Story of Siddhartha and the Swan and The Monkey King.” 


  1. Discuss times when you have shown kindness to other living things and create a collage of pictures of living things cut from magazines with the title “be kind to living things”. 

We hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Mrs de Bonrostro and Mrs Cross