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Friday Assembly

Virtual Race for Life Training – Live Pre-Run Warm Up!

On Friday’s Assembly to help us get ready for our “Virtual” Race for Life Event coming up in 4 weeks, we will be running a LIVE pre-run work out! I will then be heading out for a run in Buckstone. It would be great if you could join in the warm up session at home and then (at a time that suits you) do your own exercise to help train for Race for Life (this could be a run, walk, home workout etc.). If you do go out for a run, please remember we still have to social distance, so you can run with family members but unfortunately can’t meet up and run with other households or join in with me – but please give me a wave if you see me!  

Please continue to share the link and tell your friends and family about our Race for Life event. We have already raised an AMAZING amount of money and there are still 4 weeks to go!

Hope you can join in on Friday!!!

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