P2/3 Week Beginning 15th February

Our last week of learning together from home and another busy week.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all in the classroom on Monday. You have hopefully seen the message on Teams/via school office about our temporary classroom change. If not here it is:

“Girls and boys we have some exciting news to share with you ahead of Monday!  For a short time, we are going to be moving to a bigger classroom as there are some classrooms that are not being used at the moment.  From Monday, we will be using the P4H classroom and we will use their door for pick up and drop offs.  (This is the fire exit door at the right hand side of the main entrance to school).   Please don’t worry about this move, the management team have been busy setting up the classroom with all of our tables and chairs so it just looks like a bigger version of P2/3 Golden Treasures class.  Mrs Graham and myself are really excited and we hope that you are too!  We can’t wait to welcome you all back to school on Monday and hope that you are all looking forward to being back in the classroom learning and having the opportunity to see your friends again.”

Here is what we’ve been learning this week at home:

  • revising spelling our tricky words/dictation
  • reading comprehension about Pancake Day traditions
  • drawing and writing about an imaginative monster and using great descriptions in our writing about it
  • beginning to learn that describing words are called adjectives
  • handwriting
  • thinking about equal sharing (division)
  • properties of 2-d shapes- counting the sides and vertices
  • continuing to get speedier at our “learn-it” sums and x tables facts.

We’ll see you all on Monday- enjoy your weekend- relax and have fun!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham