P2/3 Golden Treasures week beginning 22nd February

It’s been great to get back to school and we’re enjoying our new temporary home in the P4 classroom! Thanks for being so well prepared with stationery, indoor shoes and changes of clothes- this has been really helpful! The children have all been great at getting back into all of the classroom routines- we are very proud of them!

General information/reminders

Teaching days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday- Mrs Tweedie; Wednesday and Thursday- Mrs Graham

We will send reading books home on a Monday each week, please have them in school each day and we will collect them in each Thursday for quarantine over the weekend. Reading group days will vary so please try to have books in each day- thank you!

On Monday we have a student teacher starting in our class for a 4 week placement, which we are excited about!

Mrs Tweedie is out of school on Tuesday (2nd) and P2/3 will be taught by Ms Livesy.

Here is what we’ve been learning about this week:


  • Spelling: we used games and activities including the popcorn
  • Team Jewel- revise th, ch, sh, wh
  • Team Gold– soft c in magic e words, this makes an ‘s’ sound.
  • Team Treasure- adding ‘ing’ endings to magic e words, remembering to drop the final e before adding the ing.
  • Reading- starting to explore poetry- performing poems aloud and using actions and sounds to do this. Looking at rhythm and rhyme.
  • Handwriting– practising formation, focusing on the correct height of letters
  • Writing- reviewing a poem

At home ideas:

  • practise your spellings- choose an activity from the spelling grid (attached below)
  • look in books that you have at home and see if you can find any rhyming words
  • find adjectives in books/programmes that you read or listen to.


  • Multiplication- looking at our understanding of times tables through arrays
  • Number sequences- counting up and back from different starting points
  • Properties of 2-d shapes

At home ideas:

  • practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s; practise reciting your 2, 5 and 10 x table (move onto 3s and 4s if ready)
  • look for 2-d shapes that you find around your home (example, your oven may be a square or rectangle) and draw or take photographs of them

Other Areas

  • PE- improving our fitness skills outdoors; practising for the Race for Life
  • Outdoor learning- making 2-d shapes and making arrays using natural materials
  • STEM challenge- building a free-standing tower in groups
  • Renaming our tables- we voted on naming them after video games

We’ll see you all on Monday- enjoy your weekend- relax and have fun!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham