P2/3 GT Spellings week beginning 1st March

This week’s spelling patterns are below if you’d like to work on these at home

Team Jewel: continue to work on sounds th, sh, ch, qu and wh

Team Gold: (soft c in a variety of words to make the ‘s’ sound

for example: nice, price, rice, slice, chance, dance, fence, pence

Tricky words: story, does, done

Team Treasure: (compound words- words made up from two separate words)

Core list: bathroom, footprint, drumstick, beehive, cowboy, teapot, daylight, raincoat, snowman, toothbrush

Challenge list: gingerbread, firefighter, toothpick, background, grandchild, handwriting, goldfish, goalkeeper, fourteen, butterfly

Tricky words: two, four