P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 19th March.

Good morning!

Another week of amazing learning from the P1 Tigers. They have worked hard while having fun.

This week we have been working on:


This week we have been working on the initial blends pr and tr. Our tricky words this week are were and there.

The children are getting more confident at finding words related to the sounds that we are working on. When we introduced the tr not only were able to say lots of words but they also gave a go at spelling them. They make us very proud every day!

At writing we have worked hard on describing a picture of a frog. We are working hard on writing independently. The work produced is great!

Mrs Cross played her trumpet for us. Trumpet has the sound tr

Home learning ideas

  • Home learning activity. Please continue to work on making words using the sounds that we have been working on so far.
  • Your reading book with the blue reading jotter should have arrived home yesterday. Ask your child to read the book to you. Ask your child questions about the book: what happens, does he/ she like the book? why? what can happen next? etc. . Write the words that your child might find difficult and ask him/her to make sentences using those words. Some children memorise their book so why don’t play a game where you choose a random page and they have to read it.
  • Some children have taken home a work sheet related to their reading book. This is optional and we are not expecting the children to bring it back to school or the work to be uploaded on the e-learning journal.
  • Ask your child to help you to write the shopping list.
  • Read stories at home to your child.


We have been working on data and analysis. We have learned to collect information using tallies and to analyse the data collected. We made a survey about our favourite colours in the class. We have also have learned to gather data to make a bar chart and how to analyse this data. We have learned how to make a pictograph.

We have continued to develop our numeracy skills trough SEAL. This week we have working on adding two collections ( uncovered and covered for some) and making equal groups.

Home Learning Ideas

Other areas.

We were very lucky as Ben’s Granny brought some frogspawn for us (we were learning fr sound last week!). We have really enjoyed watching them grow, some of the eggs are already growing and developing tiny legs. We have been learning about the life cycle of a frog! Thank you to Ben’s Granny for this fantastic learning opportunity!

At PE we have continued to work on our athletic skills for Saturday’s Race for life.

At our outdoor learning we have made pr words using different items and we played a fantastic game about guessing which trees we had touched with our eyes closed. Ask your child about this game because you could try it in one of your walks. The children loved it!

We have upgraded our book corner. We noticed that the children were not using very frequently so we asked what could we do to improve it. We took their feedback on and now they are loving it!

Things to remember.

  • Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be taking part on our virtual Race for Life. Are you ready for it? Remember to email your photos if you wish to the school office.
  • Online Parents consultations next week with Mrs Cross or Mrs de Bonrostro.

Our Tigers have been fantastic again!

We hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro