P2/3 Golden Treasures week beginning 15th March

We’ve enjoyed our new change of scene and all the space we have in the hall!

Important info:

Please remember your parents’ appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (23rd and 24th).

Mrs Tweedie is teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday next week. Mrs Graham is teaching on Wednesday. Ms Livesy is teaching the class on Friday. Mrs McSporran will continue her teaching placement with us until Friday 26th.

Here’s what we’ve been learning about this week.


  • Spelling: we used games and activities to help us to learn our sounds this week including using our outdoor learning slot to draw our words with chalk and making our own word searches
  • Team Jewel- revising ng and nk endings and beginning work on ay and ee
  • Team Gold– working on the soft g sound where the g makes a ‘j’ sound.
  • Team Treasure- continuing to work on multi-syllable words
  • Reading- continuing to explore poetry; we wrote our own version of Going Through the Class Photos (pictures below) working in teams on the different verses
  • Handwriting– practising formation, focusing on the correct height of letters
  • Thinking about what a syllable is
  • Writing- Mother’s Day personal writing and writing senses poetry

At home ideas:

  • Practise your spellings- choose an activity from the spelling grid or write them in FANCY LETTERS. New spellings for the week ahead are posted each Monday.
  • Write another verse of the poem, with your family members’ names, remembering the format and the rhyming pattern. For example “Who’s that, under the table? I think that’s your Auntie Mabel!


  • Learning about early division strategies using a variety of activities and games such as sausages on a plate and eggs in a basket to help us to think about equal sharing. We even talked about having some “left over” and how this makes a remainder.
  • Continuing to work on our number recognition of a range of different numbers (0-100, 0-1000 and beyond for some) and being able to say the number before and number after these numbers.
  • Working on being able to write a variety of numbers in the range 0-100, 0-1000 (and beyond for some)
  • Taking away small amounts as quickly as possible from a variety of numbers
  • Continuing to look at the properties of 3-d shapes.

At home ideas:

  • Practise reading and writing a variety of numbers with an adults’ help to say/write the numbers.
  • Use objects from around your home and try to share them equally (for example: cutlery, buttons, toys). Experiment with whether you can share them equally between: 2, 3 and 4. Do you sometimes have some left over?

Other Areas

  • Working on our EMERGENCY 999! topic– finding out about fire safety and designing fire safety posters
  • Red Nose Day activities
  • Art- pastel drawings of spring flowers
  • PE- playing some new games and working on fitness linked to our Emergency topic.

At home ideas:

  • Make a poster about the emergency services and what to do in an emergency.
  • Make your own springtime art

For those of you running the Race for Life tomorrow- good luck and have fun! We’re very proud of you. Remember that you can share photos via the class Teams page that we used doing Learning from Home.

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham