P2W Wonderful Wolves Friday learning update

This week in P2W…

Literacy – We have been learning about magic e and it’s superpowers. This week magic e gave powers to i to change its sound. We played lots of games and activities to practice reading and spelling these words.

Numeracy and Maths – This week in numeracy we have been sharing items into groups. We have been learning about equal and unequal groups and also learning ways to share items.

Health and well-being – in P2W we are learning all about kindness. We talked about kindness and all said a kind thing to someone else in the class. We then discussed how this made us feel.

Other learning: this week we have been learning about Spring and the changes that occur. We have also used our outdoor time this week to practice counting in groups. On Friday we took part in the Red Nose Day challenge! We found words around the playground and had to use our detective skills to work out the secret message!

Here are some pictures of our week in P2W: