P4H’s Learning 19.3.21

Welcome back to the Blog!

It has been lovely seeing all the happy smiley faces this week. A huge thanks to everyone for working together and getting us through the last 9 weeks. This week has been about catching up with friends , settling back into school life and enjoying learning together as a class in the same room.

PE has changed to Monday and Wednesday to fit in with the new outdoor learning times .

Spelling This week’s spelling was continuing on with plurals. We were looking at words ending with “f ” where we changed the f to a v and added es

Try these at home – loaf, calf, half, self, elf, shelf

Tricky words more most

Next week we are learning how to break the words up into syllables and introducing ourselves to closed syllables. This is where there are one or more syllables after a vowel eg ham/per

window, contest, turnip, cactus, amber, midnight, absent, hamper, planet, construct

Tricky words which witch


We continued to explore shape poems and looked at the works of Gina Douthwaite and Roger McGough comparing styles. We enjoyed looking at them together.

We extended reading skills with daily ERIC times and opportunities to share work done when we were Learning Together at Home

We will continue to read in our groups in school until the end of term.

Our reading comprehension was all about Red Nose Day . As reading detectives we looked for clues in the text in order to answer the questions.

Listening and Talking We shared our learning Together at Home experiences . We chose work to be displayed on the walls.

Some shared their stories which they had written . We enjoyed hearing all the exciting adventures , the descriptive characters they had created and the various setting they had chosen.


We continued working on tables and fast recall. we concentrated on 2 and 4 times table. Our written tasks involved time table word problems and multiplication calculations using the column methods with 2 digits and carrying.

Home learning . Practise the 2x 4x out of sequence and try to improve the speed of your recall.

For extra challenge practise the 8 ( we are working with 8x next week!)

Angles. We revised acute, obtuse and right angles and worked though tasks which involved identifying the different angles. We looked at clockwise and ant clockwise and direction.

We realised that a quarter of an hour is a right angle and every 15 minute the hands of the clock make a right angle

In Outdoor Learning we explored the playground for angles and discovered that the obtuse is the hardest to find.

In PE we practised our fitness skills . We used hoops, balls and cones to create our own games .

HWB We designed own Tree of Life.

we looked at the part so the tree and the symbolism of the trunk, the roots, the branches and the leaves .We added out own strengths, hopes, dreams, family and friends , clubs and hobbies.

The finished trees are very impressive.

Home Learning – Tell someone what the parts of the tree symbolise in our life

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Hastie and P4H