Reflective Friday 19.03.21

Happy Friday P1L!

I hope you have enjoyed this week of learning in school. We have had a very busy week together – you have all worked really hard! Well done!

Here is what we have been up to this week:


In literacy this week we learned two new sounds – ‘pr’ and ‘tr’. We enjoyed thinking of words which have the sounds in them, looking for words in our reading books and drawing pictures of words which have the sounds in them. We also learned two new tricky words – ‘her’ and ‘you’. Please continue to practice your tricky words at home and our new sounds each week. Here are some videos we use in school which you could watch again at home.

For reading, we each got a new ORT book and we predicted what we thought was going to happen in the story before reading, we had word hunts and we read both individually and with a partner. We also practised our comprehension skills by completing a fill in the missing word activity sheet. We enjoyed the extra challenge of reading our book backwards this week!

In writing, we wrote a creative piece about travelling to our planets we created. We talked about what our planet looked like, what we were doing on the planet and if we could see anything odd or exciting which was different to Earth. We took a photo in our heads to capture our thoughts which helped us bring our stories to life through drawings. We added further detail to our pictures by writing sentences which described what was happening.

We have also enjoyed reading our new class novel, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ We have been predicting what we think is going to happen next, designing our own chocolate bars for Willy Wonka and discussing what has happened so far in the story. The children have loved the book so far! We are excited to find out what happens – now that they have entered the Factory!


In numeracy we continued working with the SEAL progressive maths program. We learned how to count in decades, doubles plus one more and knowing numbers before and after between 1-30. Some of us have began to look at Arrays, which is one of the starting points to recognising/learning times tables. We also have been learning our number bonds to 10 and as an extra challenge number bonds to 20.

We are also learning how to recognise number patterns without counting using a variety of subatise videos which can be found on youtube. Our new favourite is a pirate themed video!

Other Curricular Areas

P.E: We have been improving our fitness skills to help with the Race for Life challenge. Good Luck to anyone who is taking part tomorrow! I will be thinking of you all working hard and raising money for charity!

Art: We have been learning about different artists and gaining inspiration from their work and making it our own.

Handwriting: We have been learning how to write in cursive by focusing on different letters each week and writing them in our jotters in creative and colourful ways. This week we learned how to write ‘h’ ‘k’ and ‘s’

Topic: We continued our Space topic this week. This week we learned about the moon. We even painted our own moons and used tinfoil to show reflected light. We discussed why sometimes we can only see half a moon or a quarter moon. Below is the video we watched if you would like to continue your learning of space at home.

French: We have been learning how to count to 10 in french and basic greetings. We also have been learning the days of the week and how to say ‘Today it is..’

Red Nose Day: We enjoyed creating our own red noses and going on a scavenger hunt around the play ground.

P1L’s Highlights of the Week:

Maximos – I enjoyed learning about space.

Abigail – I enjoyed painting my moon picture.

Archie – I liked learning about space with Miss McGillivray.

Georgie – I liked learning about the moon.

Max – I liked learning about the moon.

Lucy – I enjoyed the Red Nose Day activities.

Murray – I liked watching the Jack Hartmann videos. My favourite one is the planet video.

Islay – I liked counting numbers in maths.

Jack – I liked learning French this week.

Barney – I liked drawing with my friends.

Here are some photos of our learning this week:

Next Week:

  • P.E will be on Monday and Thursday.
  • Please bring appropriate outdoor clothing as we will have one outdoor lesson per day. Lots of children have been saying their hands get very cold at break/lunch time. If you have gloves please bring them in!
  • Ms Leach will be teaching the class on Monday next week.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss McGillivray