Week beginning 15.3.21

It has been such a lovely week having everyone back in the classroom! I hope you all enjoy a well earned rest this weekend, you have all worked really hard in our first week back!

Miss Collyns 🙂


We were planning our mythical creature quests. We went on a hunt to find the different parts of a myth round the classroom. Then we had to decide if they were true for ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ and ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’. Next week we are going to plan our own myth.

We have also got a new spelling pattern which looked at unstressed vowels. Examples are February, marvellous, lettuce and voluntary.

We read the next chapter of Coraline and answered questions about it.


In maths this week we were looking at money. First we did some comparing, then we did some budgeting and finally we did profit and loss. As an extra challenge we did some wages work looking at gross pay, deductions and then the net pay.

Another thing we did was measuring our desks and deciding where to put them. We also completed a budget for how to spend some money on things for our classroom.


We designed a display for the classroom on Growth Mindset. We did graffiti names for the classroom and we did shading.


We did some drama for our outdoor learning. We acted out some of the ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ story then created a photo of one moment in the story.

Our highlight this week was Red Nose Day! We went on a hunt in the playground for different words and then had to unscramble them to make a sentence. We did a word search, a quiz and created a Red Nose Day character.

Home Learning


Look at your shopping list and count up how much everything would be. You could try to work out your own budget.

Complete your literature circle reading on Oxford Owl