P2/3 Golden Treasures Reflective Friday week beginning 22nd March

Mrs McSporran has had a great placement with us and today is her last day. We’ve really enjoyed having her work with us and will be sad to see her go.

Remember that we break up for Easter on Thursday 1st April, which is a normal full day at school.

Here’s what we’ve been learning about this week.


  • Spelling: we have practised our tricky words this week by searching for them in newspaper articles.
  • Team Jewel- revising ay and ee sounds
  • Team Gold– working on the soft g sound where the g makes a ‘j’ sound with words where there is a short vowel sound. These words need a d before the g (example edge)
  • Team Treasure- words with wa spelling that makes a wo sound, for example watch.
  • Reading- reading our group reading books and focussing on reading with fluency and searching for adjectives in our books; reading comprehension about springtime.
  • Writing- job adverts for The Police and imaginative writing called “Fly Away Home” using super descriptions.

At home ideas:

  • Practise your spellings- look for tricky words or words with your sound written in books/newspapers/magazines you have at home. Make lists of the words you find using your best cursive handwriting. (Tricky word list below)
  • Write a job advert for another emergency service (fire brigade, ambulance service, mountain rescue) thinking about the skills that you would need.


  • Continuing to learn about division using counters, our times tables/counting on strategies and a number line to help us. Talking about numbers that don’t divide equally having a remainder.
  • Continuing to work on our number recognition of a range of different numbers, writing a variety of numbers, ordering the numbers from smallest to largest and working on our strategies to add/subtract small amounts.
  • Working on place value to allow us to add/subtract 10 quickly by changing only the tens number.
  • Looking at symmetry- drawing symmetrical Easter eggs.

At home ideas:

  • Can you add 10 to each of these numbers (remember not to count on in ones, just look at the tens number: Example 225 + 10 = 235 (If you can add 10 easily, use what we discussed in class to have a go at adding 9 and adding 11)

Mild: 10, 30, 20, 36, 15, 43

Spicy: 49, 68, 83, 71, 52, 98

Hot: 359, 735, 254, 1345, 2534, 999

Other Areas

  • Finishing our EMERGENCY 999! topic– we found out about the job of a paramedic and we used our drama skills to freeze frame some emergency scenes.
  • Music- we took part in our first of six music lessons by YMI (Youth Music Initiative) working on rhythm and learning rhymes.
  • PE- games and fitness and thinking about how we keep our bodies healthy.

At home ideas:

  • Have a go at learning some of the words to the rhymes we started learning in Music (link below)
  • Draw a poster of how you keep your body fit and healthy.