Week beginning 22.3.21

Could all literature circle books from the start of the term please be returned! They would be The Hunger Games (1 or 2), War Horse, The Elephant’s Child or Millions. Thank you 🙂


In numeracy we learnt about how to find a percentage of a money amount. We did a prove it sheet and lots of practice of this skill.

We also did a maths mystery. We had to use our problem solving skills to work out who the suspect was.


In literacy we have done a comprehension on Coraline which is our class novel. We did a story mountain with the whole class for writing. Also we have done literature circles. The spelling pattern was about plural words that end in y. If it ends in vowel + y (like annoy or survey) then you just add an s. If it ends in consonant + y (like enemy or library) then you drop the y and add ies instead.

Other areas

In PE we played splat and tig and we did fitness stations.

In German we learnt about food and drinks.

In Art we learnt about the different parts of the colour wheel. We learnt about primary, secondary, tertiary, analogue, complimentary and warm/cool colours.

For Topic we did research about gas masks and had a go at making our own.

Home Learning

Practice the new German words we learnt this week

Sumdog or times tables practice

Research WW2

Practice some of the money skills we learnt

Do your literature circle reading