P4H’s Learning 26.3.21

It has been another very busy week of learning in P4H where we have been extending and reinforcing skills across the curriculum.

Thank you to everyone who brought in some junk. We have lots to use in our stem project ! Reminder that PE is now Monday and Wednesday

We moved tables around this week and redesigned the class layout. So far everyone seems happy with the change. Together, each group created new table names.


Spelling We will be carrying over this weeks spelling exploring words with open /closed syllables eg hamper

We will also learn to spell Easter related words

We continued to explore Shape poetry and inspired by Roger McGough, created our own Upstairs, Downstairs poetry. We had great fun sliding the words down the bannisters.

We had fun looking at riddles and puns and discovering that words can be used to create humour.

We examined Roger McGoughs poems “Plague Around” and “A Potato Clock” and were amused at the difference sound makes to the meaning of words.

Home learning Retell some of the funny puns and riddles to someone at home. Try and find any others to share with us next week.

Numeracy We continued to work our way through the tables. This week we focussed on 4 x and 8 x tables. We practised recall with Daily 10 and some fast recall exercises.

We revised multiplication with carrying.We used the traditional column method to multiple 2 and 3 digit number by 4 as 8 . For extension some challenged themselves with 5 and 6 digits numbers!

Home Learning Keep practising tables!

We looked at how to plan routes and list directions. We tested them out in the classroom. We had to remember left and right !


We explored our feelings from lockdown and how we can help take care of ourselves. We think we have all manged to bounce back to class.

PE We developed our fitness and played team games. We created our own games using hoops, cones and balls.

These are some of our Trees of Life from last week! We have displayed them outside the classroom.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Hastie and Ms Hastie