Learning together at Home P1 Tigers Monday 7th June

Good morning Tigers!

We hope you are all well.

Do you remember the day that we danced at PE? We have put the link to the music that we danced to so you to start the week on a great mood! You can dance to it!

This is the learning for today. Please do whatever suits your family circumstances.


Your reading books have been uploaded on your e-learning journals with the login. On Mondays at school we look at the book and make predictions about what do we think it is going to happen next. We read the story together and discuss new words and their meaning.

We will introduce one sound a day Monday to Wednesday.

Our sound today is lt. The tricky words this week are would, should, could.

Please watch the attached video. You could pause it when reading the words. Discuss any new words with an adult.

Activity choose one:

  • Challenge 1: Make a kilt or a quilt using any items that you have at home. Write the word kilt or quilt accordingly.
  • Challenge 2: Spot the lt words and as a challenge write a sentence with 2 of them ( 2 sentences one with each word).
  • Challenge 3: Challenge can you write a sentence with 3 words ( 3 sentences one with each word).



I can share out a group of items by making smaller groups and can split a whole object into smaller parts. MNU 0-07a

I am learning to

  • Split a whole into smaller parts and explains that equal parts are the same size.
  • Use appropriate vocabulary to describe halves.
  • Share out a group of items equally into smaller groups



When you chop something into 2 equal pieces, each piece is called a half.

We can also write ‘ one half’ like this  ½ meaning one part out of two altogether. One half,  or ½ of this circle has been coloured in.

A half is only a half if it is equal.

Each of these shapes has ½ coloured in

Can you talk about which of these shapes are cut into two equal parts and which are not equal?

Here is a link to an episode of numberjacks all about halves

Here is a powerpoint which you can watch if you wish


Other area

At school we have been looking at our caterpillars, they made the cocoons and see what happened now!


Today we are learning about caterpillars and the life cycle of a butterfly. Three of our caterpillars have now hatched into butterflies.

Can you see them through the net?

Here is a PowerPoint about a cautious caterpillar and how he turns into a butterfly.


You might also like to watch this silly story about a Caterpillar

Caterpillar Shoes

Now, draw a picture to explain the life cycle of a butterfly. You can print and use the worksheet attached below if you wish, or draw your own version.


We hope you enjoy the learning today!

Please remember we are here to help if you need anything!

Have a great day!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro