P2/3GT Spellings 7th June

This week’s spelling patterns are below if you’d like to work on these at home. We do a dictation activity using these words/patterns each Friday. Please feel free to add words of your own; it isn’t just about learning a “list” of words but understanding how words are built up and spelt.

Team Jewel: tricky word revision week- blocks 1 and 2

Try to make sure that you can read, recognise and spell these words

Block 1: to me his was saw the he is put want no
Block 2: go are come her into we they said of here be all one were do she some you there as

Team Gold and Team Treasure are both working on adding ed endings (where it sounds like d is being added).

Team Gold list (and Team Treasure core list): burned, yelled, spilled, stayed, played, moaned, sailed, closed, smiled, shared

Team Treasure Challenge list: opened, borrowed, displayed, wondered, explained, destroyed, discovered, rescued, arrived, estimated.

Tricky words: continue to spend time revising words that you are having difficulty with.

Here are the tricky words in case you need them:block-1-8-tricky-words-single-sheet-1Download